Oct 242017
Drug-Free Therapy For A Car Accident Injury

Photo by Valtercirillo

Many a driver experienced an injury as a result of a car incident. Obviously, the course of treatment for an accident-related injury is determined by the attending physician. It’s important to follow your physician’s recommendations, including therapies. I know I didn’t say anything new. What’s new is the subject of residual aches and pains during and after treatment for a car accident injury. Many wonder whether a massage therapy could be an effective part of a post-car accident recovery. The answer is a resounding: YES!

We all know that a massage has many healing and comforting properties. The American Massage Therapy Association lists 25 of them!

The main benefits of therapeutic massage are its power to manipulate muscle memory and restore a healthy body-mind connection. In English: therapeutic massage restores wholeness and harmony to the body, mind and emotions.

In the specific case of lingering pain after a car accident injury, the most painful and common complaints are:

  • Concussion which occurs after a sudden and unexpected hit to the head in a car crash
  • Whiplash which is common for occupants of a rear-ended vehicle
  • Back pain which is a wide-spread problem among car accident victims

Following – or in addition to – a medical treatment, therapeutic massage can help relieve pain, release muscle tension, improve range of motion and relieve physiological and emotional tension. (Multiple studies point out that massage therapy has beneficial and measurable impact on both, the musculoskeletal and neurological system.)

Massage is an effective complimentary therapy which in conjunction with conventional medical care or following conventional medical care can greatly improve and restore your health after a car accident. Unlike pain relief drugs, massage is a safe and chemicals-free pain relief alternative.

Ask your doctor whether he recommends massage as a part of your post-accident treatment and / or rehabilitation. With your doctor’s approval: get a massage. A massage – preferably multiple sessions – will accelerate your recovery!