Aug 052017

Natural Anti-Aging BibleGreen Anti Aging signals the start of an anti aging REVOLUTION! It turns our beliefs of the aging process upside down. It presents a brand new concept of aging, not as a gradual process of decline mind you, but the body’s desperate call for a long overdue overhaul.

Since the guide wasn’t written by a medical doctor or an anti-aging scientist but a wellness coach its recommendations involve natural means, only.

The purpose of this natural anti-aging guide is two-fold. It can be used as a natural anti-aging guide by those determined to fight aging naturally. It can be used as a guide to relieving aging-related health and beauty concerns naturally. (Without toxic chemicals, painful and costly injections or drastic surgeries.)

Green Anti Aging by Sturm Enrich lays out a clear (easy to follow) map of a complete natural anti-aging body tune-up which includes health issues most aging individuals face as well as visible signs of aging.

If I’ve ever read a truly empowering piece of writing, Green Anti Aging by Sturm Enrich is it! It doesn’t nitpick, it comes with its own vision of what aging CAN BE. It puts the power and choice in the reader’s hands. In terms of self esteem alone, this anti-aging guide is a breath of fresh air. It tells the reader from the get-go that age doesn’t make anyone inferior. After all, a fine classic car has its value EVEN before it is restored. We all know that a well-restored classic car costs more than the latest model. It is true of cars and now it can be true of mature adults!

Green Anti Aging is THE must-read natural anti-aging Bible. My only regret is that I couldn’t use its wisdom to help my parents deal with aging.

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Green Anti Aging Readers’ reviews:

I got the instant download and read it in one breath. Green Anti Aging isn’t like anything else I read on aging or anti-aging. No needless elaborations. No pity. Just information that make sense. Written in an easy, casual manner, the guide is concrete, convincing, helpful and yes, hopeful. I loved it and recommended it to all my friends. By the way, Green Anti Aging ends with a teaser. I’ll be waiting for part two, you can bet on it!

Dec 252014

As a wellness coach, I look at health from a holistic perspective. Our Western medicine divides the human body into many sub-systems as evidenced by the existence of medical specialties. We go to a general practitioner to complain about an issue, if it’s difficult to define, we’re told “it’s nothing to worry about”; if it is symptom- or area- specific, we get referred to a specialist. The specialist in turn devotes his or her attention exclusively to his or her area of expertise.

Older cultures than our own have a different take on human health. They perceive the human body as an integrated whole (think of acupuncture or acupressure, for instance). I take this view one step further, but before we go there, let’s take a slight detour.

If you’ve ever had a pet fish you know that there are various types of fish and as such they have different needs when it comes to their environment. Fresh water and salt water fish require distinctly different type of water in the aquarium.

No.1 Secret To Good Health
Now, to stay with the example: a freshwater fish usually doesn’t survive in salty water and vice versa: ocean fish won’t make it in fresh water. Logical, right?
Similar principle is true of the human body which consists mostly of water. This “watery” inner environment – depending on its acidity level – can foster either health, strong immune system and slower than normal aging OR disease and accelerated degeneration. The pH balance of the “watery” environment within doesn’t affect this or that body organ, body part or body system but the overall wellness of the whole body. (Think of the fish: it’s true for them, it’s true when it comes to humans. A different environment supports different type of organisms.) Amazing? There’s more!

The way you eat determines the acidity level within your body. In other words, creating a disease-resistant, lean, well-functioning body is mostly up to you. That’s just one secret to a healthy life. It’s holistic because it approaches the body as a whole, not a piecemeal. By altering the pH balance of only one component of the body, you have the power to protect it in its entirety! Why a “secret”? Because your doctor didn’t tell you about this most elementary step in maintaining good health.

Yes, drinking alkaline water is a good idea. But do YOU know what foods are responsible for creating acidic environment and which ones make it alkaline? (A hint: sour-tasting foods rarely contribute to internal acidity.) If not, you might need a good wellness coach, just saying.