Sep 152017

Well-intentioned green purists are often mistaken. Toxins are omni-present, animal products are well-hidden, some allegedly toxic products are not. Know your facts!

Green Purists

As a wellness coach I’m often amused when encountering a green living “purist”. There are so many people today who believe themselves “green purists”!
Health-conscious, informed and frequently vegan, these people avoid sugar and gluten, known carcinogens, chemically-treated produce and fruit, processed foods and “toxins” of any kind. In theory their approach is perfect. In real life, not so much. The “green purists” believe themselves superior to people who – to name just one example – have bacon for breakfast. It’s funny and sad, at the same time.

As humans we are omnivores. We need meat, grains, vegetables and fruit to function properly and maintain good health. Being a total carnivore or total herbivore isn’t healthy. Our bodies are designed to process food of animal and plant origin and derive benefits from both, not either one. Abstaining from animal products entirely creates an imbalance that eventually has a negative impact on a person’s health.

The individual who had bacon for breakfast potentially increased his risk of developing cardiovascular disease because bacon is treated with sodium nitrate. The purist who didn’t eat bacon is at the same risk of developing cardiovascular disease because vegetables are the MAIN source of nitrites. Another source of nitrates is water. (It never seizes to amaze me that “green purists” don’t realize that there is no such a thing as organic water!)

The vegan believes that he doesn’t consume animal products. Animal products are everywhere. They are present in medications, vaccines, nutritional supplements, beer, wine, candy, cosmetics, non-dairy products, vanilla, building materials, perfumes, hair dyes, and other products you’d never suspect. Vegans consume / use animal products whether they are aware of it, or not…

“Green purists” discriminate against certain substances they classify as “toxic chemicals” without a valid reason. They create false narrative against time-proven, natural and safe products depriving themselves – and by spreading misinformation, others – of significant benefits.

Life isn’t about avoidance but a skillful balance. Not every risk can be averted. Many can be managed.

The biggest health risks we’re exposed to hide in:

  • building materials our homes are constructed of
  • furniture, flooring, interior paint
  • cleaning and washing products
  • the air we breathe
  • food
  • drinking water
  • everyday use products applied to skin
  • clothing, shoes and jewelry materials

Some of the risks listed above can be controlled by the individual, some can’t. Some can be modified with common sense and / or money. The perfect solution? Being WELL-informed, reducing and / or counteracting health risks, getting over the superiority complex of imaginary “purism”. There is no reason to be “holier than thou”: fanaticism of any kind is counterproductive. We live in the same world of toxins, pollutants, GMOs, misinformation and hypocrisy. Most of us have the same health concerns.

I’m all for healthier, green living. It is my belief however that it should start with complete information and the exercise of common sense. Without either one, a green purist is no less hypocritical than the establishment he or she rejects. (Soy “milk” or nut “milk”, give me a break! Did you read the ingredient list?! All of the pseudo-milks are chemical concoctions I wouldn’t recommend to a personal enemy.)

And by the way, the best way to counteract nitrates (whether you are a fan of bacon, vegetables or drinking water) is by taking antioxidants and probiotics on a regular basis. (To rephrase it for “green purists”: by maintaining a diet rich in antioxidants and probiotics.)

Article contributed by Sturm Enrich who runs
and is a contributing editor of several leading publications

Aug 052017

Natural Anti-Aging BibleGreen Anti Aging signals the start of an anti aging REVOLUTION! It turns our beliefs of the aging process upside down. It presents a brand new concept of aging, not as a gradual process of decline mind you, but the body’s desperate call for a long overdue overhaul.

Since the guide wasn’t written by a medical doctor or an anti-aging scientist but a wellness coach its recommendations involve natural means, only.

The purpose of this natural anti-aging guide is two-fold. It can be used as a natural anti-aging guide by those determined to fight aging naturally. It can be used as a guide to relieving aging-related health and beauty concerns naturally. (Without toxic chemicals, painful and costly injections or drastic surgeries.)

Green Anti Aging by Sturm Enrich lays out a clear (easy to follow) map of a complete natural anti-aging body tune-up which includes health issues most aging individuals face as well as visible signs of aging.

If I’ve ever read a truly empowering piece of writing, Green Anti Aging by Sturm Enrich is it! It doesn’t nitpick, it comes with its own vision of what aging CAN BE. It puts the power and choice in the reader’s hands. In terms of self esteem alone, this anti-aging guide is a breath of fresh air. It tells the reader from the get-go that age doesn’t make anyone inferior. After all, a fine classic car has its value EVEN before it is restored. We all know that a well-restored classic car costs more than the latest model. It is true of cars and now it can be true of mature adults!

Green Anti Aging is THE must-read natural anti-aging Bible. My only regret is that I couldn’t use its wisdom to help my parents deal with aging.

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Green Anti Aging Readers’ reviews:

I got the instant download and read it in one breath. Green Anti Aging isn’t like anything else I read on aging or anti-aging. No needless elaborations. No pity. Just information that make sense. Written in an easy, casual manner, the guide is concrete, convincing, helpful and yes, hopeful. I loved it and recommended it to all my friends. By the way, Green Anti Aging ends with a teaser. I’ll be waiting for part two, you can bet on it!

Jan 222016

Common Sense Vs Natural And OrganicAny health-conscious consumer should educate her or himself on the differences between natural vs organic and then exercise common sense. As it is right now, the green movement popularized a lot of valuable information as well as some paranoia. Many consumers scared by truthful – as well as misleading – information pursue “organic” products and nothing but.

So far there is no legal definition of natural. There is a “legal” definition of organic. Consequently, one would assume that products (I’m speaking here of products OTHER than foods!) labeled as “organic” actually are. At the same token, products labeled as “natural” are less healthful or safe. That’s not the case.

Speaking of hygiene products or cosmetics for instance, most of them CANNOT be “organic” REGARDLESS of what the label says. (My personal favorites are products marked as 50% “organic”!) A hygiene or cosmetic product consisting of more than one ingredient is likely to contain at least one ingredient that is UNAVAILABLE “organic”. Would you like an example? There is NO “organic” water! (Actually, there is a long list of ingredients that don’t have “organic” equivalents.)

It is possible to apply for and receive “organic” certification from USDA. “Organic” sounds better, sells better and yes, it is pricier. In the majority of cases however the “organic” is not as “organic” and not as healthy or safe as we’d like to believe. Would you like another example? “Organic” and natural cosmetics containing “organic” and / or “natural” colors. (This one topic alone would make for a captivating book!) Few of them work and few of them last without more or less toxic additives. But the stories written by their manufacturers are pure poetry, one GREAT example of a “natural” colorant is mica. (Research mica and you’re guaranteed to be disappointed: the dazzling colors of “natural mica” are anything but natural.)

There is a great deal of confusion and misinformation out there. I just read a cool piece about a DIY organic anti-aging cream. The author explains – and SHOWS!!! – how to sterilize plastic containers by boiling them?! (Don’t try it at home, EVER: plastic containers are toxic, heating them releases even more toxins; boiling them can eventually melt them and you’ll inhale a great deal of poison!) Among all the very healthy – leave alone “organic” ingredients is vitamin E oil…. There is nothing wrong with vitamin E oil, I’m referring to the quality available in vitamin E capsules. But adding a few drops of the commercially available (and shown on the pictures) so called “vitamin oil for facial use”, a weak solution which contains 1 to 5% of the real thing is pointless….

The truth is that the “green industry” isn’t regulated the way consumers believe it to be. There is a huge amount of unintentional – and intentional! – misinformation. The best way to navigate the murky waters of the natural, “organic” and otherwise “healthy” products is common sense. Organic products (other than organic foods) are not as “organic” as one would think. Natural products are not necessarily inferior to their “organic” counterparts. The main difference between “natural” and “organic” could well be the integrity of the manufacturer….

Personally, I recommend finding an individual – or company – obsessed with health and safety and following him / her or it and buying their products. Another way is to ask questions prior to making a purchase.

Article contributed by Sturm Enrich who runs
and is a contributing editor of several leading publications

Feb 152015

Green Self Help ebook by Sturm Enrich explains how to prevent disease naturally and how to cure common ailments with natural remedies.

Green Self Help BookFRESH OFF THE PRESS! The ebook focuses on staying healthy with the wealth of natural substances, foods, natural remedies, etc. that have been used for centuries – and in some cases, even millennia – to keep us well, strong and good-looking, naturally: without toxic chemicals and adverse side effects.

Today’s market and industries – including advertising – would have us believe that feeling well HAS TO BE a trade-off: use fast-acting products now, pay with disease or shorter lifespan later. It doesn’t have to be this way and this isn’t one person’s opinion. Even medical researchers and scientists are taking another look at time-proven substances which – in some cases – are not only miraculously effective but bugs don’t become resistant to them with time; that are capable – unlike today’s wonder-drugs – of fighting BOTH bacteria and viruses, SIMULTANEOUSLY. All these safely, with no adverse side effects or forced trade-offs.

Green Self Help contains a wealth of information divided into two parts: how to prevent disease naturally and how to cure common ailments with natural remedies. (You’ll learn about safe and effective natural remedies for Cough, Dry Eyes, Cold, Migraine, Gallstones And Kidney Stones, Non-Cancerous Breast Lumps, Acid Reflux, and more!)

If you stop and think for a moment about life as a whole, trends – in everything, including health care – come and go. Of how many TRENDS can you think that lasted hundreds of years and still remain valid? If you’re drawing a blank, order Green Self Help by Sturm Enrich. You have only one life, it is PRECIOUS, protect it!

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Dec 252014

Alzheimer’s disease has been featured in the news frequently over the last few days. It just so happens that I’ve been finishing the post on Mad Cow Disease Fears in California and the indestructible prions that are believed to cause it when I noticed news on the rising incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in the US.
In the context of my writing, I’ve become curious what causes Alzheimer’s disease. I was blown away when I learned that the cause of Alzheimer’s disease are also PRIONS!!!!!!!

After all that we’ve been told about heredity, arterial plaque and age-related dementia, it turns out that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by the same agent as mad cow disease?! It makes one wonder whether there is such a thing as Alzheimer’s disease, at all. (To clarify, I don’t question the tragic reality of Alzheimer’s disease for its patients and their families. I have NO intention of disrespecting their plight or offending anyone. I wonder however whether it is in fact a disease in its own right or may be – just, maybe – a late stage of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, the human version of mad cow disease, which can take decades before producing symptoms.)

Alzheimer’s disease was identified earlier than mad cow disease, how sure can we be however whether the human variant of mad cow disease (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease) didn’t infect some people before it became identified in association with mad cow disease? (It’s common knowledge that susceptibility to disease as well as diet vary from one individual to another and among genders.)

Don’t you find it amazing that the same agent causes both diseases we all fear and while UK keeps the ashes of incinerated, infected cows well-isolated from the public because even the ashes are still considered infectious, the same certainly isn’t true of those diseased from Alzheimer’s disease….

Alzheimer's Disease And Mad Cow Disease

Mad cow disease was first identified in early 1980s. Alzheimer’s disease (even though it was first discovered in early 20th Century) wasn’t considered a serious disease in its own right until 1970s.
The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are not entirely different from those of a mad cow disease either and include depression, dementia and affected motor skills (Parkinson-like symptoms).
“Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease is estimated to start 20-30 years before clinical onset.” (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease could be described the same way!)

Mad cow disease was first identified in the UK. This is an excerpt from the British Website
• “There are currently 800,000 people with dementia in the UK.
• There are over 17,000 younger people with dementia in the UK.
• There are over 11,500 people with dementia from black and minority ethnic groups in the UK.
• There will be over a million people with dementia by 2021.
• Two thirds of people with dementia are women.
• The proportion of people with dementia doubles for every 5 year age group.
• One third of people over 95 have dementia.
• 60,000 deaths a year are directly attributable to dementia.
• Delaying the onset of dementia by 5 years would reduce deaths directly attributable to dementia by 30,000 a year.
• The financial cost of dementia to the UK will be over £23 billion in 2012.”

In the US, the situation is quite similar, while the mortality rates for breast cancer, heart disease, HIV/AIDS and stroke have all decreased in the past decade, Alzheimer’s disease deaths have risen 66 percent!

It has to be said that I’m NOT a physician, just a wellness coach and a writer who by a coincidence noticed strange similarities between two very serious diseases that have a similar cause, similar symptoms and similar outcome (neither is treatable nor curable) and dares to question their conventional – and separate – definitions. I might be wrong, but what if I’m not? Will we all be eventually decimated by prions?!

Article contributed by Sturm Enrich who runs
and is a contributing editor of several leading publications