Jan 212018

Japanese Women Know How To Relieve Menopause Symptoms

Menopause is a dreaded time in every woman’s life. It is perceived as irreversible loss and – quite frankly – the beginning of the end. Menopause comes with many unwelcome symptoms ranging from hot flashes, loss of libido, anxiety, irritability and dry skin to night sweats, vaginal dryness and insomnia. The long list of menopausal symptoms doesn’t cover the two biggest losses inherent to menopause: the damage to a woman’s self-esteem and – to some degree – the loss of self. In our culture, menopause is traumatic.

The conventional treatments for the relief of menopausal symptoms are almost as scary as menopause itself and for many, not effective.

On the other hand, Japanese women – the women who don’t seem to age! – don’t suffer during or after menopause as badly as we do even though they rarely rely on medical help during the time of “change”. Japanese women don’t suffer from hot flashes; as a matter of fact, there is no wording equivalent to English “hot flashes” in Japanese. Their secret is the traditional Japanese cuisine and dishes based on fermented non-GMO soybean germ. The fermented non-GMO soybean germ is a rich source of bioavailable phytohormones. (According the Free Dictionary, a phytohormone is “Any of various hormones produced by plants that control or regulate germination, growth, metabolism, or other physiological activities.”)

According to research, phytoestrogen and even more so aglicone isoflavone is very effective in relieving symptoms of menopause PLUS preventing postmenopausal bone loss, heart disease, dry skin, cancer, and more!

The chance that we’ll adapt to the Japanese taste in food is slim. Worse, over 90% of soybeans available in the United States are genetically modified. But, there is a ray of hope: it is called Effisoy. Effisoy – produced by Juveriente – is a new and natural supplement for the relief of menopausal symptoms  based on the same substance (aglicone isoflavone) Japanese women lean on during menopause.

Japanese Women Know How To Relieve Menopause Symptoms

Effisoy contains a gentle and effective form of fermented non-GMO soybean germ rich in aglicone isoflavone (the patented Aglymax®) which stimulates the body’s own production of DHEA, the “Youth Hormone”. Taking DHEA supplements may cause an adverse reaction. Effisoy – which is the only supplement containing AglyMax® currently available in the U.S. – is a natural DHEA synthesis enhancer that doesn’t.

The Effisoy supplement contains also Maca root which improves mood and memory as well as promotes hormonal balance and DIM (derived from cruciferous vegetables) known for facilitating estrogen management.

Effisoy has been reviewed for safety, effectiveness, proper dosage and pharmacokinetics. It is made in the U.S.; FDA approved and manufactured in a GMP-compliant lab.

Japanese women know how to relieve menopause symptoms and now YOU do, too. Better, you won’t have to acquire a taste for Natto to benefit from Japanese women’s wisdom because lucky for us, Effisoy – produced by Juveriente – is available in vegetarian, gluten-free, easy to take tablets.

In our culture, menopause carries a social stigma. Supplementing with Effisoy could change the individual’s experience of menopause and life after menopause. This might lead to far-reaching changes. Who knows? Perhaps some day women won’t be devalued due to their age and the social stigma associated with menopause will lift, too….