Aug 272015

What to do and what not to do to restore your energy. Water, oxygen, sleep and brushing are in!

If you always feel tired, there may well be a medical explanation for it. There are several diseases that produce the feeling of overwhelming tiredness.
Start by excluding possible, legitimate reasons for tiredness. Visit your doctor and get checked for:

  • anemia
  • underactive thyroid
  • diabetes
  • depression
  • heart disease

There are some common, lifestyle-related reasons for tiredness:

  • too much caffeine (cut down on coffee and don’t drink coffee after 5 pm)
  • too much sugar (the same advice as above!)
  • not enough sleep (create a routine to get yourself sleepy and get up at the same time every morning)
  • not enough exercise (no one is too tired to exercise; you’re too tired because you don’t exercise!)

What to do, if you’ve been found perfectly healthy, lead a reasonably healthy lifestyle and still feel tired?

How To Get Over Tiredness Naturally

1/ Make sure you’re sufficiently hydrated
Approximately 60% of adult human body is water. We all know that. Now, think about it: where is that water? We are alive for as long as our inner processes are in motion. They are in motion – and substances are being constantly moved within us – because water acts as a lubricant and “solvent” that dilutes dense substances. In a well-hydrated person the inner processes and dilutions are fast and effortless. (Not so in dehydrated individuals!)
Drink WATER, not coffee, tea, juice or soda. (Coffee and tea are dehydrating. Juice and soda have a lot of sugar which makes a person and consequently, his / her body’s inner functions sluggish.) Yes, you can drink infused water: lemon infusion is best!


2/ Move!
Exercise is good for you, but in this case too: ask yourself why? Media would have us believe that exercise is trendy; that specific types of exercise can redefine individual features of our bodies and that exercise supports weight loss. That’s kinda true, but none of it points to the actual reasons to exercise.
The reality is MUCH simpler. Ever heard “use it or lose it”? That’s where’s at! Since all those inner processes of your body’s are in motion they are stimulated by movement. The other important factor is breathing. When you exercise, specifically aerobic exercise increases your heart rate and stimulates your breathing: it actually increases your oxygen intake.
Well-oxygenated bodies have stronger immune system and are less susceptible to disease.
Here is an interesting tidbit: cancer is rampant, but no one yet developed heart cancer. Do you know why? Because heart is the last bastion of the body’s oxygen reserve and cancer can’t “live” or grow in well-oxygenated space.

Regular physical activity that involves some aerobic exercise is re-energizing, not tiring.

3/ Cut down on – or better yet, eliminate – sugar
Sugar gives us a sense of immediate gratification and emotional comfort. (The same can be said about MANY other addictive substances: alcohol, drugs and nicotine…) The fleeting sense of immediate gratification and comfort doesn’t justify the price, or to be more exact: the health risks. Yes, you can gain weight if you eat too much sugar, who cares! But did you know that sugar feeds inflammation and cancer? Eating sugar is akin to asking for cancer. Don’t ask! Two out of four people will be diagnosed with cancer whether they asked for it or not.

4/ Sleep
Sleep still holds many mysteries. Not even science understands it fully. We do know however that sleep is regenerative and that some bodily functions take place ONLY when we sleep.
We know A LOT more how harmful sleep deprivation is. It results in lowered resistance to disease, poor memory, irritability, inability to focus, poor performance, and more.
Get 8 hours of sleep every night! If you can’t, cut one or two hours and take a nap the following day. If you steal your sleep, you give away your health!

Those of you who wake up run down already will greatly benefit from an ancient technique borrowed from Ayurveda. It gained popularity in recent years and is often referred to as “dry skin brushing”.
It is a simple technique that will invigorate you through and through! The original “tool” used were raw silk massage gloves; today a natural bristle brush, regular exfoliating gloves or even a loofah will do. The magic isn’t in the tool but in the technique.

Arm yourself with one of the exfoliating tools and start at the very bottom: at the soles of your feet. Massage the rounder body parts (like the abdomen) in circular motion and long body parts in strokes toward the heart. Work your way to the top of your head. (Exercise common sense: be gentle on delicate areas and aggressive on those that are not.)

What does it do? Dry skin brushing:

  • revitalizes
  • reenergizes
  • improves circulations
  • supports lymphatic function
  • detoxifies
  • helps to relieve depression
  • exfoliates

Few years ago, I tried it once out of curiosity. It made me feel so good, a day without dry skin brushing seems like a waste to me, now.


To me personally, the lowest form of life is an individual who inflicts harm on other living beings. The second lowest form of life is an individual who destroys for no reason.

If you think of life, lifestyle and…. YOURSELF, you’ll be surprised to realize that in many ways you are vandalizing (destroying for NO reason) your most precious possession: your health. That’s unfortunately true for most of us. How sad!