Feb 172016

Green Self Help‘s guides on healing with natural remedies provide valuable information and a choice of care to those interested in DIY health management.

Natural Remedies For Acid Reflux

There is a relatively new kid on the block worthy of health-conscious consumers’ attention. I’m talking about Green Self Help, a Website that provides guides on healing with natural remedies for ailments that affect many. We poked around and the concept seems nothing short of revolutionary.

Green Self Help’s guides are available BY CONDITION, better yet: they are available for instant download! At our last visit, there were four types of such green healing packs offered:

  • Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones
  • Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux
  • Natural Remedies for Gallstones
  • Natural Remedies for Breast Tumors

The prices? $25 per download! Customers’ reviews indicate that purchasers are satisfied with the results they achieved with Green Self Help’s guidance.

What an idea! Now the many disappointed with conventional medical care as well as many uninsured, have the option of a guided DIY health management with natural remedies!
Is it the perfect solution for every condition or even every person? Most likely, not. But so many can – are already – and will benefit!

We were particularly impressed with the natural treatment for gallstones which – sorry medicine! – seems superior to the most recommended medical treatment (cholecystectomy) today which permanently removes the gallbladder. Why is the natural treatment for gallstones superior? Because the natural remedy facilitates painless elimination of gallstones while leaving the gallbladder intact.

The owners of Green Self Help may – or may not – get rich on their concept, but they are already making valuable contribution to peoples’ health and health education. We applaud Green Self Help‘s conservative, natural, safe and effective approach to healing. By combining well-researched information with instant availability and affordable prices, Green Self Help provides valuable choice of alternative care to those interested in DIY health management.

Jan 232016

Green First Aid KitTraditional first aid kit usually holds items that we either use frequently or need to access quickly in life’s small emergencies. Without a doubt, we all need such fast solutions handy BUT wouldn’t it be great to have an equally effective first aid kit WITHOUT toxic chemicals or antibiotics? (Our overexposure to antibiotics in food and every day products makes us less and less responsive to them in real emergencies.)

“Green First Aid Kit” guide by Sturm Enrich lists and explains time-tested natural remedies for everyday emergencies.

  • They are SAFE.
  • They don’t have potentially negative side effects.
  • They won’t make you immune to antibiotics.
  • They will address your everyday needs for quick solutions just as effectively as their over-the-counter drugstore’s counterparts.
  • They’ll save you money.
  • Most of the items have additional uses that will benefit you, your loved ones and your home.

Occasional scrapes, cuts, burns, colds, infections, insect bites as well as back pain or muscle pain will happen. Buy Green First Aid Kit guide by Sturm Enrich and next time, reach into your Green Medicine Cabinet to feel better, NATURALLY!

UPDATED VERSION! Green Medicine Cabinet Guide, 2,273 MB, $20, Instant Download

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Green Medicine Cabinet by Sturm Enrich is available in additional formats on GreenSelfHelp.com.