May 072017

How To Make Your Own Probiotics Class In San Fernando Valley

The team of Green Self Care holds How To Make Your Own Probiotics Class in San Fernando Valley, CA.

Why? Probiotics improve digestive health. Good quality probiotic supplements are quite expensive. With that said, we all need probiotics. Did you know that the best probiotics are NOT the ones in supplements but those in LIVE cultures of fermented foods? Did you know that you can make these foods yourself and save a fortune in the process? You’ll have plenty of tasty and healthful food to go around at low cost to you!

Probiotics improve digestive health by replenishing healthful bacteria in the gut. They have many health benefits: probiotics improve digestion; are credited with relieving symptoms of heartburn, Crohn’s disease, IBS and urinary tract infections, improving regularity, and more. Perhaps even more importantly: most of the immune system is located in the digestive tract, improving digestive functions makes for a stronger immune system. Strong immune system is more resistant to disease and supports better and faster recovery from an illness or injury.

Many already know the value of probiotics. High quality probiotics are costly. Few people realize that they have the option of making their own probiotics (to be precise: food that has high content of live probiotic cultures). During this class you’ll learn how to make your own probiotics. The process is simple. The supplies are affordable. You won’t leave this class empty-handed either but with your own probiotic starter kit. (If you use it according to instructions, you’ll have a supply of probiotics for your whole family for many years to come.)

BONUS: learn de-stressing exercise.

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