Jul 182017

Staying Healthy Despite Of Political Climate

Finding balance with Nature in a political climate that denies global warming, decriminalizes pesticides, champions polluters and threatens our health

Time doesn’t stop. Clock doesn’t go backward. Global warming is on the rise. Toxic chemicals all around us are threatening human health. Recent political changes decriminalize gross pollution, promote carbon-based industries, render pesticides harmless, limit the power of EPA, eliminate some wildlife protections and some National Monuments / National Parks in favor of industry… Worse, the Affordable Care Act is in jeopardy and may leave millions of Americans uninsured. (Why am I mentioning the latter? Because healthy living prevents disease.)

The existing and just introduced threats to our wellbeing can’t be ignored. We cannot avoid or escape them. The problems confronting us won’t be solved by a dozen – or even a thousand – people who have gone “off the grid”, or committed to living “small”. They’ll be solved successfully only, if we ALL take action: by contacting our government representatives, taking part in marches, endorsing environmentally-conscious products and services by choosing them while shopping and by making changes in our own lives to protect the environment at large but also to protect ours and our families’ most precious asset: health!

The threat of climate change, drinking water contamination and polluted air endanger our health. Yours and your family’s health take priority over politics. If and when politics doesn’t support human health, WE HAVE TO.

I don’t believe in celebrating full moon or equinox or worshiping Gaia. I don’t support the “return to Eden” movement. (There never was an “Eden”. There were times when Nature ruled over us and threatened our survival. Now, we dominated the Earth and are threatening her survival AND our own.)

It is not about cowering to Nature or domineering it. It’s about a balance and coexistence with Nature. IT CAN BE DONE on a global scale and in your own home.

We all know that health-conscious and natural is good, it goes without saying. It has to be said however that even the green movement isn’t entirely truthful.

A number of everyday use food items and products is demonized as harmful without a merit or proof. Just like with the Earth: it’s about balance, not extremism. It’s about knowing versus believing. If a given product is used for over a 100 years, has a proven safety and effectiveness record and you’re being told that it is dangerous and unhealthy, stop and think: if no one was harmed until now and many have benefited from it, what are the chances you’ll be the first to be harmed? People spread false propaganda to improve their bottom line, not to help you…. Exercise common sense!

Green Self Help and Los Angeles Wellness Coach are here to help. When in doubt, feel free to ask!