Jan 292018
Could Cleaning Significantly Reduce Allergies That Pests Cause?

Pest control prevents allergies


Vacuuming your home is definitely a chore, but what makes it more appealing to do on a regular basis is that it can reduce allergies and pest problems in your home.

The most common pest allergies come from dust mites and cockroaches. Cockroach allergies are particularly dangerous because they can trigger asthma attacks in those that suffer from them.

Home pest control is important to keep your family safe from the health risks pest infestations bring with them. Vacuuming your home regularly as part of your cleaning routine can make sure pests stay out.

If you vacuum your home regularly enough, it makes sure there’s nothing for pests to eat. This is one of the main reasons pests want to infest our homes, so eliminating food sources is great pest prevention. Vacuuming dust from your carpets, corners and shelving reduces the risk of food pests, which can cause allergies.

Could Cleaning Significantly Reduce Allergies That Pests Cause?

Vacuum to prevent pest allergies


As well as vacuuming, there are a number of other cleaning tips you can use around the home to prevent pest allergies.

Here are some more tips from my local pest control company that I use to stop pests infesting my home and triggering allergies:

  • Seal it up – Seal cracks and gaps around the walls and windows in your home. Pay attention to where utility pipes enter and exit your walls.
  • Manage moisture – Don’t let humidity build up in your home. Water sources are a big attraction for pests.
  • Dust – Dusting around your home with a damp cloth reduces the airborne allergens like dust mites.
  • Keep the kitchen clean – Wipe your surfaces daily and don’t let washing up pile up in your sink. Food sources attract pests.
  • Take the rubbish out – Make sure all of your bins are emptied regularly and put outside in a sealed bin.
  • Do the laundry – Don’t leave piles of washing, especially if it’s damp. These are great hiding places for pests, and the moisture will attract them.

Remember that if you already have a pest infestation in your home, a great cleaning routine alone won’t get rid of it. You have to enlist the help of a local pest control company to help you eliminate pests and their allergens in your home.