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Los Angeles Wellness Coaching And Natural Healing


Los Angeles Wellness Coaching And Natural Healing

The Founder of Green Self Care, Los Angeles wellness coach, has joined forces with Sturm Enrich, the author of Green Self Help. Since our skill sets complement each other, together we can successfully address larger range of needs in Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley.

As a Wellness Coach, I focus primarily on improving life’s quality of healthy individuals. With that said, I am also an ex-professional athlete and a graduate of Yerevan Technicum Of Physical Education (the curriculum of which included physical therapy). As such I developed an original system of healing exercise which helps relieve – and in some cases heal – bothersome health conditions. To name some examples of conditions that can be successfully treated with healing exercise: male and female incontinence, prostate issues, sciatica, etc.)

Sturm Enrich on other hand, is focused on healing with natural remedies. Her use of food and nutritional supplements for alternative / complimentary healing of common health complaints is safe and remarkably effective.

As a team we’re able to provide wellness coaching as well as healing exercise and natural healing in Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley.


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I am a Wellness Coach, not a registered dietitian or a doctor. This Website and my work are not intended as a medical advice, a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. I make recommendations based on my knowledge and personal experience. Any treatment I may suggest (for a specific health condition, if applicable) is intended to be complimentary to conventional, medical treatment. Consult a physician before making any changes to your diet or exercise.