Green Self Care

Natural Green Self Care Products Video


Natural, Green Self Care Products WITHOUT toxic chemicals.

  • Natural Deodorant Galore: even for sensitive skin (many natural scents!)
  • Natural Tooth Powder without fluoride, several natural flavors to choose from
  • Natural Skin Care: one ingredient, natural products
  • Handcrafted Perfumes (mostly one note) in handcrafted, original bottles
  • Handcrafted Cologne (sought after scents!)
  • Natural Body Scrub with a rose or marzipan scent (natural, of course!)
  • Natural Body Butter (from easy to apply Cacao Body Butter to pure and / or easy to apply Shea Body Butter
  • Natural Body Mist for every body, including alcohol-free vegan

This brief video showcases many of Green Self Care’s products at a glance: