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Green Self Care Products: healthy, safe and natural hygiene and beauty products developed by a wellness coach. Natural Tooth Powder, Natural Deodorant, and more.

There is power in modern science that no one could possibly question. It’s impossible to imagine life without such products as a smartphone, PC, car, tablet, refrigerator, TV or A/C. No one would want to live without proper medical and dental care, vaccines, prescription drugs, and so on. How about professional services or manufacturing? We can’t live without any of these major achievements of science, civilization and society. I’ll be the first to agree. (I deeply believe also that only few of us would survive without modern conveniences.)

Having said that, one should notice also that the goal of modern science is not only our health, comfort and happiness, but profit-making. The awareness of the latter should guide our choices as consumers. In some cases, there are natural, healthier and safer choices available. Those cost money too, but they’re not mass-produced and their main objective is maintaining good health. This Website features Green Self Care Products.

Natural Hygiene Products:
Natural Tooth Powder
Natural Deodorant
Natural Moisturizer

Natural Beauty Products:
Lavender Natural Body Mist
Rose Natural Body Mist
Marzipan Natural Body Mist
Sweet Orange Vegan Body Mist
Lavender Vegan Body Mist
Marzipan Natural Body Scrub
Rose Natural Body Scrub
Unscented Natural Body Powder
Natural Moisturizers
Green Body Butters

Good For You Cosmetics:
Natural Clear Mascara
Natural Lip Balm

and more

Why would YOU buy Green Self Care Products? In many cases natural self care products are difficult to find, they cost more than their conventional counterparts and you have to pay for shipping, too. So why bother?

Let’s take a look at a few specific examples.
Such items as Natural Tooth Powder, Natural Deodorant, Natural Moisturizer, for instance – unlike similar products available in the corner drugstore for less – are healthier. (The prices that may have you concerned are in fact very compatible: the quantities of the green self care products sold here are huge…)

I love modern science. I’m an enthusiast of today’s technology. But how foolish would it be if we couldn’t distinguish between the blessings and the dangers of consumer products? If we couldn’t appreciate the fact that prevention is painless, cheaper, better and easier than disease?….

This Website features my Green Self Care Products; they are natural, healthier and safer than their conventional counterparts. They are affordable. As a wellness coach, I developed most of them myself; I use them; I love them; and I recommend them to my family and friends. Why? Because as much as I’m curious of the features of the latest iPhone, my interest in conducting experiments on my body (I got only one and even this for a limited time) is very limited. (Why should I take chances with the only life I have to enrich an industry or a professional who may – or may not – have my best interest at heart?) I’d like to keep my health, mind, body and appearance in tip-top shape for as long as I can. That’s why I use Green Self Care Products. Perhaps you should try them, too?