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George Bernard Shaw once said: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

As a wellness coach, I know that each of us is creating his or her health, one day at a time. The lifestyle choices you’ve made in the past created the person you’re now in terms of your health and overall life’s quality. The choices you’ll make today and tomorrow can affirm the old ones or give you a brand new start.

The chemical makeup of your body decides how you feel, how you perceive, how you process information and how you act and relate to others. Your life (the product of your feelings, perception and actions) is a reflection of your lifestyle and eating habits.

The human body is nothing short of miraculous in its individual organs’ functions and the synchronization of all its systems. It naturally strives for balance; it has the ability to cleanse and heal itself. Living smart and eating for good health supports the body and affects your thinking, actions, decisions and interactions with others. Poor lifestyle choices create an inner environment that fosters diseases and accelerates the body’s degeneration.

Los Angeles Wellness Coach

Long story short, each of us has the power to create his or her own health (self) and the results the self produces. It isn’t magic, it’s lifestyle. How you live, your daily routines, what you choose to buy, what’s in your cupboard and refrigerator, what you eat at home and outside makes up your body, mind and ultimately, your very self.

Let’s be specific, no wellness coach can make you taller or change the shape of your nose but a good wellness coach can teach you how to make lifestyle choices that support your goals. The lifestyle choices we make decide about our wellness, weight, energy, mood, relationships, aging, even mental acuity. They often have the power to override a genetic destiny and extend productive life.
Becoming a good creator of your health / self is a learning process and as your wellness coach I’ll show you the way. Once you master it, you’ll be able to unload the harmful substances that choke you from within and build a true custom self.

Recently, my sport car became sluggish. A competent mechanic diagnosed the problem: a dirty fuel filter. The fuel filter has been changed, my car feels like new! Is it an unrelated story? Not really. Our inner organs are clogged with all sort of junk. Eventually this accumulation of toxins, “bad” cholesterol and other crap interferes with their functions, leads to disease and premature aging.
Going back to my fuel filter, did you ever think just how clogged your vital inner organs are? Stop and think for a moment, what’s the likelihood that your inner organs are in mint condition?… Sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, soft drinks, cigarettes, alcohol, environmental pollutants indoors and outside, all leave a residue that forces your inner organs to work harder and harder. The inner organs of a newborn are in perfect condition and that’s why a newborn has a nice, long life expectancy. Were your inner organs as clean as a newborn’s how much vitality, energy and overall life’s quality and time would YOU gain?

As a wellness coach, I’m often asked: “Will it work for me?” There isn’t one universal lifestyle or diet that’s good for everyone and that’s why a different program is custom designed for each client. But there is another fact you may not be familiar with, there is one, universal list – not for what you should do or eat, but – of things that foster unwellness and lead to disease in every human body.
Knowing what’s good and what’s bad for you – and living accordingly! – will change your body’s inner workings. It will in fact do a lot more: it will create an inner environment that doesn’t support disease; it will liberate your body from the build up of harmful junk restoring your energy, extending your lifespan and improving your life’s quality.

I’m not a physician or a certified nutritionist. But then again, alternative approaches to lifestyle and nutrition aren’t taught at length to either doctors or nutritionists. Still, many people find solutions in the alternative approach to health management and seek out wellness coaches who train them in the alternative – holistic – approach to health. I believe in – and live by – the latter.

Wishing you radiant health,
Los Angeles Wellness Coach

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