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Learn What Makes You Sick


Learn What Makes You Sick

I’m assuming that you too are doing everything right to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Regular doctor visits, eating healthy, making time for physical activity, mental exercise, social interactions, feeding the soul and yes, sleeping.

If in spite of your efforts and a clean bill of health, you don’t feel your best you might be suffering from food allergy, food intolerance or metal toxicity.

Food allergy, food sensitivity and metal toxicity may not be a “disease” but either one can make the sufferer’s life as miserable as a disease. Labels aside, when you are miserable, you are – for all intents and purposes – sick.

Do you have to accept food allergy, food intolerance or metal toxicity and bear with it? No! Is it difficult to get rid of it? Not necessarily. Then why are you so miserable you ask? Because identifying causes of common ailments happens to be difficult!

Since so many good people who strive to ensure their wellness still feel crappy, L.A. Wellness Coach partnered with a reputable lab that provides the type of testing that identifies allergens / food intolerance triggers and measures metal toxicity that could be making YOU feel awful.

Our partner-lab is in business for 10 years. It carried out nearly half a million tests that helped people reclaim wellness!

The test is non-invasive (painless!), doesn’t involve doctor’s appointment or commute and yes, it is affordable! The process is easy and convenient. You’ll be able to read and understand your test’s results without the help of a medical professional. Follow-up suggestions are included with the test results. You won’t need medical help or prescription drugs to feel better. It is that simple!

Why is food allergy or food intolerance so common and so menacing? Our bodies weren’t designed for the lifestyles we lead and / or the altered foods we eat, today. Our nutritional needs aren’t what you’ve been told. The foods you trust are no longer what you believe them to be. Figuring out these mysteries isn’t easy. Millions are still struggling to understand why they suffer. Why the struggle?

Life-threatening food allergies comprise only 2% of all food intolerances. Most food allergies that produce clear and fast negative reaction (in up to 2 hours from consumption) can be diagnosed with immunoglobulin E (IgE) blood test. Food intolerances (food sensitivities) are much harder to diagnose. Non-IgE allergies are tested with a skin test which isn’t as precise as you’d think…

The most effective, non-invasive food intolerance test available today is the hair sample test. Online rumors try to discredit it. (Why? The effectiveness of the test poses a threat to the health industry’s profits!) The facts however speak in favor of the test. It is painless, produces accurate and fast results, it is affordable. Credibility? EPA recommends the hair sample test since the 1970s! The hair records body’s reactions to environmental triggers on the cellular level (and retains them longer than blood!) which means that the hair sample test’s results are far more comprehensive than the blood test’s.

Got colored hair? No problem: the hair color won’t affect results. Have no hair on your head? Chest or arm hair contains the same information!

How does the hair sample test work?

  • Place your order and make payment
  • Receive a brief form to fill out
  • Cut a few (4-5) individual hairs from the back of your head at the nape of the neck, making sure to cut as close to the scalp as possible. (The hair closest to the scalp and the hair’s root contains the most recent information about your health.)
  • Place the hair sample in a ziplock bag and close it well.
  • Fill out the questionnaire you received.
  • Mail both (the filled out form and your hair sample) to the address provided.
  • Receive comprehensive test results and follow-up suggestions by email within a week.

What to do AFTER you received your hair sample test’s results?

  • Read the results which come in plain English.
  • Feel better, without extra treatment or prescription drugs, by following suggestions that came with your test’s results!

Don’t suffer any longer. Learn what makes you sick! Take the food allergy (food sensitivity) and metal toxicity hair sample test and once you get the results and follow-up suggestions: live well without being weighed down by unidentified health complaints. Life is beautiful when YOU feel great!

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The hair sample test does not measure type IgE allergies or IgG antibodies. If you experience severe allergic reaction, call your doctor or go to the closest emergency room, ASAP.
The hair sample test is intended as complementary to conventional medical allergy testing, not as a substitute for it. The content of this Website as well as the hair sample test does not replace the need for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider if you are having unusual symptoms. Don’t disregard medical advice or delay seeking medical help because of something you read Online, this Website included. All probable or possible outcomes generated by the hair sample test should be discussed with a medical health care provider.