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May 072017

How To Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally Class In San Fernando Valley

The team of Green Self Care holds How To Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally Class in San Fernando Valley, CA.

Why? Nobody likes feeling miserably, catching a flu more often than others, etc. Yet many do. The reason? A weak immune system. Did you know that by strengthening the immune system, you’ll be sick less often and even if and when a flu – or something else – should befell you, you’ll recover faster? No that’s not a theory that’s a fact!

The way you feel when you’re well and when you’re ill; whether or not you get ill and how often; how well and how fast you recover from an injury depends on the wellness of your immune system. Most people however don’t pay attention to it.

Knowing how to care for your immune system naturally will positively affect your health. During the class you’ll learn the ABC of the immune system and some simple steps you can take to make it stronger and more resistant to disease. (Attendees over the age of 50 may experience an immediate improvement in the way they feel!)

Do something good for your health! To RSVP for How To Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally Class.

Los Angeles Wellness Coach

Los Angeles Wellness CoachGreen Self Care is run by me, Los Angeles wellness coach. I write Green Self Care blog and I developed the Green Products featured on this Website. As a wellness coach, I believe that excessive exposure to toxic chemicals all around us is harmful to human health. Environmental irresponsibility threatens our survival as specie. is here to support YOU in your pursuit of healthy living and environmental responsibility.

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