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Jan 132018

Healing Properties Of Pink Himalayan Salt

As a health coach I’m driven by the hunger of discovery and experimentation and today I’m VERY excited to share with you my latest “discovery”: the pink Himalayan salt! Please don’t interrupt by saying that I didn’t discover it, I know that. But I experimented with it on myself and my loved ones and the healing properties of pink Himalayan salt are astounding!

Most of you are already familiar with the pink Himalayan salt and all sources agree that the ancient salt has numerous health benefits. The pink Himalayan salt is one of the oldest – if not THE oldest! – salt on Earth. Its age is estimated at 4 billion years and its origin is likely the primordial sea that gave birth to life on Earth. As such the Himalayan sea salt is also the world’s purest and richest, boasting 84 minerals and trace minerals. The salt is excavated manually from 5,000 feet underground.

Because of its unaltered purity and rich mineral content the pink Himalayan salt boasts an impressive list of. health benefits. The healing properties of pink Himalayan salt are believed to:

  • improve breathing and alleviate respiratory problems of COPD, bronchitis, emphysema and other pulmonary diseases’ patients
  • help detox our contaminated bodies
  • restore the acid-alkaline pH balance that prevents cancer
  • improve digestion
  • control sugar levels
  • improve circulation
  • support heart and bone health
  • regulate hormone functions
  • restore restful sleep
  • relieve muscle cramps
  • increase energy
    and more

My own experimentation produced the following results:

Pink Himalayan Salt Reduces Snoring

Someone in my tribe – guess who? – allegedly snores. The people who love the alleged snorer report that when he snores furniture shakes throughout the house. (People are cruel, don’t you think?)
Anyhow, I’ve made a saline solution consisting of 1 oz of filtered drinking water and ½ teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt and put it in a small spray bottle. I exhaled as much air as I could and while inhaling sprayed 3-4 times toward my throat / windpipe. Nothing special – other than the experience of inner calm – happened. When I went to sleep the following night I didn’t snore at all, I’m told. The effects of the one-time inhalation of the Himalayan saline spray lasted for several nights.
To maintain peace in my household, I’m repeating the ritual 2-3 times a week now and – I’m told – I don’t snore anymore.

Pink Himalayan Salt Reduces Allergy Symptoms

One more thing, following the above described experiment I experienced something even more surprising. I suffer from allergies that seem to come from nowhere and cause watery eyes, runny nose and uncontrollable sneezing. In the two weeks since the original experiment, I didn’t have a single bout of allergies.

Pink Himalayan Salt Reduces Anxiety

Yes, even in a health coach’s household there are anxious people. Since they are both anxious AND skeptical I sprinkled some very finely ground pink Himalayan salt in their shoes and slippers. ALL reported feeling calm and relaxed!
When you explore the Web for recommendation for anxiety, literally every source advises against salt. Anyone suffering from anxiety reading this? Put some very finely ground pink Himalayan salt in your shoes and slippers and let a wave of peace and calm wash over you! Based on what I observed, it appears that anxiety may well be caused (directly or indirectly) by a mineral imbalance.

Pink Himalayan Salt Reduces Hyperactive Thyroid Symptoms
Pink Himalayan Salt Reduces Toxic Goiter Problems

A number of my people took a bath with ½ a cup of Pink Himalayan Salt dissolved in water. No one reported any extra-ordinary experiences. The greatest skeptic mocked my enthusiasm by saying “heavens didn’t open and angels didn’t sing”. To the credit of my skeptic however, the next day she reported marked improvement in her Hyperactive Thyroid Symptoms and Toxic Goiter Problems. She experienced relief of pressure in her neck and – for the first time in many years! – she wasn’t cold. The relief seems to be lasting…

Pink Himalayan Salt Reduces Psoriasis Symptoms

A family member of mine has a persistent, localized, reddish rash on one foot for several years now. Treatment with natural remedies was ineffective. So was medical treatment for psoriasis. After spraying the area with a saline solution consisting of 1 oz of filtered drinking water and ½ teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt consistently every evening for about a week, the rash is about 95% gone.


Hype aside, my personal experience with healing properties of Pink Himalayan Salt (I’ll expand on it when there is more to report) has been overwhelmingly positive. The Pink Himalayan Salt is very effective in treating many common health complaints and conditions and doing so safely.

Los Angeles Wellness Coach

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