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Tropical Coconut Handcrafted Perfume


Tropical Coconut Handcrafted PerfumeA scent is not only a sensual experience but also the emotional association it brings. In the case of the Tropical Coconut Handcrafted Perfume, you’ll be hard-pressed not to think of great vacation, tropical cruises, palm trees and the beach…. The scent is a feast for the senses that awakens care-free memories. It will do that for you and anyone else who smells it. (Incidentally, the Tropical Coconut Handcrafted Perfume is unisex and great for both genders.)

The Tropical Coconut Handcrafted Perfume’s scent is opulent (not overwhelming) and lasting. The perfume can be safely reapplied if needed.

This original Tropical Coconut Handcrafted Perfume features a delicious blend of Coconut with a gentle hint of Vanilla. The Tropical Coconut Perfume is cruelty-free and contains no paraben, phthalates, nitro musk or dyes. The handcrafted perfume comes in a huge ONE OUNCE reusable and recyclable, atomizer glass bottle.

Perfumes emit the most scent when applied to warm pulse points such as the inner wrists and inner elbows, behind ear lobes and behind the knees.
For more intense scent, shake before use.
To extend the life of your perfume store it in a cool, dark place.

Ingredients: Natural Denatured Alcohol, proprietary medley of Coconut essential oil and fragrance oil and natural Vanilla flavor. No animal derived ingredients, paraben, phthalates, nitro musk or dyes.

Earthy scent in earthy bottle: as you noticed, Green Self Care’s handcrafted perfumes have equally original packaging. Each perfume has its own distinctive, handmade seal. Your perfume will have the seal you see on the picture, but since each seal is individually handmade, expect small variations.

All of Green Self Care’s Handcrafted Perfumes come with FAST and FREE SHIPPING! (Within Continental United States.) Your order will be shipped by Priority Mail.

Tropical Coconut Handcrafted Perfume 1 oz (reusable and recyclable, atomizer glass bottle) $32.00

Price(USD): $32.00