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Handcrafted Perfumes


It’s no secret that perfumes – from drug store brands to top perfume designers’ – contain substances known to cause – or suspected of causing – numerous health problems ranging from allergies to reproductive and hormonal damage.

GSC’s handcrafted perfumes are handmade (a few at a time) and have minimalist approach: they feature natural essential oils and fragrance oils derived from flowers, plants, fragrant tree bark and roots and natural flavors in the base of natural denatured alcohol. All of the handcrafted perfumes are cruelty-free (have NO animal derived ingredients), phthalates-free, nitro musk-free and artificial dyes-free.

Handcrafted Perfumes

Green Self Care’s handcrafted perfumes don’t have misleading “mystery” names, either. These are scents we all know and love. Rose says romance; peach is the scent of Summer; sweet pea of New England (and Europe!) is the scent of Spring; sandalwood exudes thoughtfulness, green apple energizes, coconut brings memories of exotic vacations and finally, the sweet and spicy blend of orange and chili peppers is great for high achievers…

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Morning Rose Perfume
Sweet And Spicy Perfume
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Exotic Sandalwood Perfume
Sweet New England Perfume
Crispy Green Apple

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