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Dragon’s Blood Handcrafted Roll-On Cologne


As the name suggests, Dragon’s Blood symbolizes virility and is very masculine. Dragon’s Blood’s scent is believed to attract power, love and money. I can’t vouch for that. But I can tell you that it exudes confidence and power.

Dragons Blood Handcrafted Roll-On Cologne

GSC’s Dragon’s Blood Handcrafted Roll-On Cologne is a medley of amber and patchouli, with top notes of jasmine in a base of skin nourishing Apricot Kernel Oil. (Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus armeniaca) is renowned for its non-allergenic and rejuvenating properties. It can be used safely on sensitive skin. Apricot kernel oil is a rich source of vitamin E, B and fatty acids.)

The scent is masculine and noble. The Dragon’s Blood Handcrafted Roll-On Cologne is lasting, but can be safely reapplied if needed.

If you’re surprised why Dragon’s Blood isn’t among the ingredients, don’t be. Several species of the Dragon’s Blood tree grow on the islands of Indonesia. The source of the Dragon’s Blood is the red resin extracted from the berries produced by the tree. Regrettably, the resin emits scent only when it’s burned as it is the case with incense. There is no essential oil that has Dragon’s Blood’s scent. All colognes named Dragon’s Blood are blends of scents that approximate the original scent of the valued Dragon’s Blood incense.

The Dragon’s Blood Handcrafted Roll-On Cologne is cruelty-free and contains no paraben, no phthalates, no nitro musk or dyes. The handcrafted cologne comes in a recyclable roll-on glass bottle.

Colognes emit the most scent when applied to warm pulse points such as the inner wrists and behind the ears.
For more intense scent, shake before use.

To extend the life of your cologne store it in a cool, dark place.

Ingredients: Natural Apricot Kernel Oil, proprietary medley of amber, patchouli and jasmine in apricot kernel oil. No animal derived ingredients, no paraben, no phthalates, no nitro musk or artificial dyes.

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Dragon’s Blood Handcrafted Roll-On Cologne 10 ml / 0.3 oz (in a roll-on glass bottle) $20.00

Price(USD): $20.00