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Handcrafted Colognes


It’s no secret that colognes – from drug store brands to top cologne designers’ – contain substances known to cause – or suspected of causing – numerous health problems ranging from allergies to reproductive and hormonal damage.

GSC’s handcrafted colognes are handmade (a few at a time) and have minimalist approach: they feature natural essential oils and fragrance oils derived from flowers, plants, fruits, fragrant tree bark and roots and natural flavors in the base of natural denatured alcohol or skin nourishing apricot kernel oil. The colognes are available as a spray (alcohol-based) or as a roll-on (apricot kernel oil-based).

Handcrafted Colognes

The scents? If you’re looking for masculine cologne, you found it! The Dragon’s Blood Handcrafted Cologne exudes confidence and power. The Lion In Wait Handcrafted Cologne is a bit aggressive, yet sensual. (It actually has the vibe of a Lion In Wait which attracts women.) As far as the Strong Coffee Cologne, there is NOTHING I could possibly add: it’s FANTASTIC!

All of the handcrafted colognes are cruelty-free (have NO animal derived ingredients), phthalates-free, nitro musk-free and artificial dyes-free. All come in recyclable and reusable, glass bottles.

Find your scent:
Dragon’s Blood Handcrafted Cologne SPRAY
Dragon’s Blood Handcrafted Cologne ROLL-ON
Lion In Wait Handcrafted Cologne SPRAY
Lion In Wait Handcrafted Cologne ROLL-ON
Strong Coffee Handcrafted Cologne SPRAY

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