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Remineralizing NATURAL Tooth Powder


Green Self Care’s Natural Tooth Powder has many devotees.
Green Self Care’s fluoride-free, Natural Tooth Powder is made with all-natural and “good-for-you” ingredients. There are two types to choose from: Spicy Oregano and Clove.

Green Self Care’s original Natural Tooth Powder contains:

  • Calcium Carbonate that strengthens teeth.
  • Natural Sea Salt (Italian) that disinfects and gently polishes.
  • EITHER Pure Oregano Oil that gives it its spicy taste and scent (it also prevents bacteria build up and cavities, and relieves teeth sensitivity)
  • OR Pure Clove Oil that gives it a nice, refreshing kick (it also prevents bacteria build up and cavities)

And NOTHING you don’t need: no fluoride, no toxic or otherwise damaging substances like those found in commercial toothpastes. (Not even baking soda for those of you who don’t like it or are allergic to it.) There is more: Green Self Care’s fluoride-free, Natural Tooth Powder prevents cavities, strengthens teeth, doesn’t damage tooth enamel and is gentle enough for sensitive teeth.

Remineralizing NATURAL Tooth PowderRespectful of Green Self Care Natural Tooth Powder’s fans, I’ve decided to preserve its original, well-liked formula in this new, remineralizing natural tooth powder version.
In addition to the staples of my original Natural Toothpowder, the remineralizing tooth powder has two new ingredients: Bentonite Clay and Mustard Seed Powder. Mustard Seed Powder (in particular combined with sea salt!) heals swollen and bleeding gums; fights germs and relieves toothache. Bentonite Clay (ancient volcanic ash) is a gentle polisher but more importantly, it contains many valuable minerals and is a natural detoxifier.

Long story short, Green Self Care’s Remineralizing Natural Tooth Powder cleanses and gently polishes teeth. It keeps harmful bacteria at bay. It keeps gums healthy. It remineralizes teeth. All of it WITHOUT toxic chemicals. (It’s not a secret that we inevitably swallow some of the toothpaste or tooth powder we’re using. In the case of Remineralizing Natural Tooth Powder you’ll get some extra Calcium to strengthen your bones and teeth as well some valuable minerals from Bentonite Clay.)

If you hate the idea of a tooth powder (it is actually better for you than toothpaste) you can mix Green Self Care’s Remineralizing Natural Tooth Powder with a little Coconut Oil into a toothpaste. (I don’t recommend it because the anti-bacterial formula contributes to gums’ health, strengthens teeth and tooth enamel as well as gently polishes while the oil takes some of these properties away, but it can be done.)

Remineralizing Natural Tooth Powder

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