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Natural Tooth Powder


Why a Natural Tooth Powder? Because the toothpastes available in drugstores contain:

  • Fluoride which in larger doses is dangerous for children and in adults can impair thyroid function, cause tooth and bone decay and other health problems. (Fluoride is a by-product of aluminum manufacturing and we all know by now how dangerous aluminum is.) Still, even worse are fluoride salts found in many toothpastes (sodium fluoride and / or fluorosalicic acid) which in the past were used as… a rat poison!
  • Glycerin, a substance that prevents teeth’ re-enamelization.
  • Silica which is abrasive and damages tooth enamel.

Green Self Care fluoride-free, Natural Tooth Powder has all-natural and “good-for-you” ingredients. There are two types to choose from: Spicy Oregano and Clove.

Natural Tooth Powder contains

  • Calcium Carbonate that strengthens teeth.
  • Natural Sea Salt (Italian) that gently polishes.
  • EITHER Pure Oregano Oil that gives it its spicy taste and scent (it also prevents bacteria build up and cavities, and relieves teeth sensitivity)
  • OR Pure Clove Oil that gives it a nice, refreshing kick (it also prevents bacteria build up and cavities)

Natural Tooth Powder Natural Tooth Powder

And NOTHING you don’t need: no fluoride, no toxic or otherwise damaging substances like those found in commercial toothpastes. (Not even baking soda for those of you who don’t like it.) There is more: Green Self Care’s fluoride-free, Natural Tooth Powder prevents cavities, strengthens teeth, doesn’t damage tooth enamel and is gentle enough for sensitive teeth.

NEW: Natural Tooth Powder is one of my best-selling products. Due to the current economy however I’ve been asked repeatedly to find a way to reduce its price without compromising the quality so many are fond of. It took me a while, but I have come up with a solution: more economic, plastic packaging! While the amount of the tooth powder remains the same, the packaging is lighter and the container is slimmer. Due to the change, I was able to reduce the price AND the cost of shipping!

The amount of the tooth powder and its quality are the same as before.

New Natural Tooth PowderNew Natural Tooth Powder

Green Self Care’s Natural Tooth Powder is available in 2 oz and 3 oz containers. The 2 oz. container of Natural Tooth Powder is sufficient for 2-3 months of average use. The 3 oz container of Natural Tooth Powder lasts for 4-6 months of average use.

The new containers come with a flip-top lid. (Should the tooth powder be less than you expected: pour the tooth powder into a wide mouth container with a lid, close the lid and shake it well. The new economical containers are packed to capacity: no space to shake the contents… That’s the cost of savings, I’m sorry.)

Natural Tooth Powder

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