Green Self Care

Natural Deodorant Spray


Safe, gentle, effective and WITHOUT hidden health risks.

Why you should use Natural Deodorant? Because the antiperspirants available in drugstores contain several controversial ingredients, most notably:

Aluminum compounds (Darbre, P D. states in “Aluminium, Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer”, scientific article published in Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, September 2005 issue: “Aluminum is known to have a genotoxic profile, capable of causing both DNA alterations and epigenetic effects, and this would be consistent with a potential role in breast cancer if such effects occurred in breast cells.”) Obviously that’s not the only article on the subject. You’ll be able to find other articles that explain why the scientific community suspects a link between commercially-available antiperspirants and breast cancer. Even though the connection between conventional antiperspirants and breast cancer is dismissed by the FDA and American Medical Association, the site of application (directly above lymphatic nodes) alone is a cause for concern for many. Increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease which is linked with Aluminum exposure, is another.
Parabens are commonly used as preservatives in food, personal care items and cosmetics. It is believed that Parabens which have a limited contact with our bodies are relatively harmless; after all, we rinse soap after washing and the food we eat gets digested and evacuated.

The same may – or may not – be true of a long-term exposure such as it’s the case with leave-on products. Most of us use antiperspirant at least once a day which means that our bodies are absorbing Parabens continuously, 24/7.

Here are three items that are particularly disturbing:
a/ the increase in sales of antiperspirants / deodorants coincides with the rise in the occurrence of breast cancer.
b/ the majority of breast cancers is located in the upper outer quadrant of the breast which is closest to the arm pit…
c/ Parabens are frequently found in breast tumors. Finally, Parabens aren’t listed on labels as Parabens. You may want to monitor labels of the products you buy for such words as: Benzyl-parahydroxybenzoic acid, Methyl-parahydroxybenzoic acid, Ethyl-parahydroxybenzoic acid, Parahydroxybenzoic acid, Parahydroxybenzoate, Butylparaben, Methylparaben (E218) and Propylparaben (E216). (Be aware: this is NOT a complete list!)

Natural Deodorant Natural Deodorant is gentle, effective, GOOD FOR YOU and non-staining. Natural Deodorant provides a valid alternative to conventional deodorants: it is as effective as the chemicals and synthetics-laden deodorants and antiperspirants found at drugstores and department stores but it’s free of aluminum compounds and Parabens we’re all concerned about. It supports your body’s natural detoxification process while meeting your aesthetic expectations WITHOUT jeopardizing your health. You’ll smell deliciously and feel refreshed after every application. (Non-aerosol spray; recyclable glass bottle.)

Ingredients of Natural Deodorant:
– Distilled Water
– Flower Petals (or in the case of sweet orange an essential oil)
– Jojoba Oil
– Essential Oils
– Aluminum-FREE Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), a natural deodorizer
– Grapefruit Seed Extract

NOTE: If you’re sensitive to baking soda, you may experience burning sensation while using this product. If that’s the case, discontinue using it, immediately.

Available scents: lavender, rose, sweet orange and mint (the latter is perfect for men as well)

Weight: 4 oz (sufficient for 4-5 months of average use)

Packaging: Recyclable (or reusable), non-aerosol spray glass bottle.

Natural Deodorant is free of Aluminum and Aluminum salts, animal products, synthetic fragrances, Phthalates, Sulfates, Paraben or artificial preservatives.

Directions: Spray under arms. Usually, once a day is sufficient however Natural Deodorant can be safely reapplied throughout the day as needed.

Warning: For external use.

4 oz Natural Deodorant Spray in a Glass Atomizer

Price(USD): $12.50



Green Self Care’s Natural Deodorant is one of my best-sellingNatural Deodorant products. Due to the current economy however I’ve been asked repeatedly to find a way to reduce its price without compromising the quality so many are fans of.

It took me a while, but I have come up with a solution: plastic packaging! While the amount of the deodorant remains the same, the packaging is significantly lighter and the container is slimmer.
Due to the change – regrettably less environmentally-friendly than the original glass packaging – I’ able to reduce the price AND the cost of shipping.

The amount of the deodorant and its quality are the same as before.

The below pricing is for the same quality and quantity of Green Self Care’s Natural Deodorant Spray as described above BUT in a plastic spray bottle.


4 oz Natural Deodorant Spray in a Plastic Atomizer

Price(USD): $11.00