Green Self Care

Green Hygiene Products


My Green Hygiene Products are not literally green, they are however NATURAL. Green Self Care’s Natural Hygiene Products don’t contain substances that can negatively impact your health.

Green Self Care’s Natural Tooth Powder is free of fluoride.

Green Self Care’s Remineralizing Natural Tooth Powder is free of toxic chemicals but it strengthens and remineralizes teeth.

Green Self Care’s Natural Deodorant is free of known and suspected carcinogens

Gentle Natural Deodorant Powder Lavender won’t increase your chances of developing breast cancer and is well-suited for the most sensitive skin.

Marzipan Natural Deodorant Powder is free of aluminum compounds and Parabens suspected of causing breast cancer.

Lavender Natural Deodorant Powder is also carcinogens free.

Green Self Care’s Natural Moisturizers – either of them – consists of a SINGLE, natural, plant-derived ingredient.

All Natural, Green Hygiene Products available on Green Self Care are Environmentally-Friendly, Cruelty-Free and Harmful Chemicals-Free. (I don’t believe in animal testing. All my Green Hygiene Products have been tested on willing – if not outright eager! – human volunteers: including myself, my family and friends.)