Green Self Care

Green Body Butters


GSC Green Body Butters are REAL food for your skin! They’re made with precious natural oils recognized for their healing, rejuvenating and beautifying value for thousands of years. All of my Green Body Butters have:

– 100% natural ingredients
– No additives
– No preservatives
– No fillers

Some GSC Green Body Butters are blended with natural oils to improve their effectiveness and / or to make them easier to apply. All of them can be used on the face, body, hands and feet. Shea Butter is a fantastic hair treatment as well!

All GSC Green Body Butters (except of the Pure Shea Butter, of course) have a pleasant texture and all of them liquefy in contact with the skin. The richest body butters (like shea or cacao butter) take longer to be absorbed by the skin. Other than these two, natural body butters are usually fully absorbed in a matter of minutes.

Why use Green Body Butters? Skin is the physical barrier between you and the world. Well taken care of skin will keep you healthy, beautiful and protected. If you use all-natural products to care for your complexion:
– you’ll avoid irritants, allergens, chemicals known – or suspected – of causing health problems
– you’ll moisturize and nourish your skin with natural substances recognized for their specific benefits for hundreds and even thousands of years (The historical record evidences not only efficacy but safety!)
– you’ll protect your skin (and your body!) from environmental damage caused by free radicals and – to a limited degree – sun exposure

Natural Body Butters are temperature sensitive: if the product you receive is too liquid, put it in the refrigerator for half an hour or so; if it is too hard put it next to a sunny window (NOT in the microwave oven: it can destroy its therapeutic properties!). Should the ingredients separate, stir the product occasionally. During summer months – or if you live in a warm climate – store your body butter in the refrigerator. Knowing that you’re feeding your skin 100% natural, pure ingredients justifies these minor inconveniences.

On a final note, Green Self Care’s Green Body Butters are made of 100% renewable, 100% natural ingredients.

Pure Shea Body Butter is credited with moisturizing dry skin, damaged hair and improving the appearance of stretch marks
Easy To Apply Shea Body Butter has all the benefits of Shea Butter in a creamier form
Easy to Apply Cacao Body Butter is not only rich nourishment for your skin, its natural scent is said to create a sense of happiness…