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Pure Rose Water


Pure Rose WaterPure Rose Water (or a Rose Hydrosol) is the byproduct of rose oil distillation.
Rose oil is made by brewing roses with water. As the rose water is distilled the rose oil rises and gets collected, separately. The actual source of rose oil is the fragrant rose water. This is rose hydrosol, better known as 100% Pure Rose Water.
Pure Rose Water is the condensed essence of the rose which contains both the rose water and micro-drops of rose essential oil.

Pure Rose Water has the scent of the rose essential oil but it is milder (water-based) which makes it suitable for uses in applications such as skin care (astringent) for instance, for which essential rose oil would be too powerful.

You’ll LOVE the scent! With that said, Rose Water is not a perfume or body spray. The intoxicating scent doesn’t last very long. Rose water is one of THE BEST natural astringents and can be used as such. Personally, I like to spray some on my towels and sheets….

Try it and I’m certain that you’ll find some creative uses for it!

Pure Rose Water 4 oz $8.00

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