Green Self Care

Good For You Good For The Environment Good For Your Wallet


Good For You Good For The Environment Good For Your Wallet


Green Self Care makes it easy to be green in any political climate, any economy. Reusable, recyclable packaging. Packaging-free product refills. Lower cost of shipping.


Green Self Care is becoming even GREENER!

1/ To help fight climate change we encourage our customers to reuse packaging. Our plastic product containers can be reused; the glass containers can be either reused or recycled.
For the same reason, Green Self Care’s labels are becoming smaller and will have significantly lower environmental impact.

2/ To support both consumers’ quest for healthy living in today’s economy and the environment, we’re introducing inexpensive packaging-free product refills. Any product featured on Green Self Care Website that is available in either powder or cream form will now be available as a packaging-free refill. Powder product refills will be available in wax paper bags. Cream / lotion product refills will be available in resealable plastic bags, ready to be transferred into your existing original containers.
The product quality will always be the same, but there’ll be less waste, significantly smaller carbon footprint, lower prices and last but not least, lower cost of shipping. (If you are Green Self Care’s customer and would like to order a refill, email us your request!  Include the product’s name and the quantity you’d like to order. We’ll reply with an invoice that will have you pleasantly surprised.)

3/ NOTE TO THRIFTY CUSTOMERS: two factors make green products costly, packaging and shipping. If you are an existing Green Self Care customer, order product refills. If you want to save on shipping, order with a friend. The shipping standards are set in such a way (not by us but by shipping companies!) that the cost of shipping one product or four is the same.

Green Self Care makes it easy to be green and stay green in any political climate and in any economy. We stand by you. Questions? Requests? Ask!