Green Self Care

Natural Lip Gloss


Natural Lip Gloss

The ingredients of Green Self Care’s Natural Lip Gloss are “good for you”!
The base: virgin coconut oil, organic castor oil and natural beeswax care for sensitive lips, make them velvet smooth and protect them from the elements.

Your choice of shade: cantaloupe, raisin or pink…

(No photo and no browser replicates colors EXACTLY. The cantaloupe shade is soft. The raisin shade is exquisite: just a shade darker than natural lip color. The pink shade is for the daring type: it’s pink and sexy, alright. We hope the descriptions help.)

The choice of shade is a matter of beauty type and personal preference, but your lips will LOVE the nurture of Green Self Care’s Natural Lip Gloss.

Natural Lip Gloss $5.00

Price(USD): $5.00