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Consultation With A Health Coach


Complete Wellness Consultation with a Health Coach from the comfort of your home, NO strings attached!


Consultation With A Health Coach


Help in achieving your health goals; solutions to your unexplained unwellness: now at your fingertips! Yes, the Wellness Coach / Health Coach now provides live wellness consultations Online!

Many of you struggle achieving your health goals. Just as many put up with feeling miserable for no apparent reason. You may have discussed your concerns with your doctor. She (or he) may have given you some attention and / or advice. If you are reading this page chances are your issues aren’t resolved.

Medical doctors are trained in preventing and treating disease, not in maintaining wellness. Quality of life however is determined by feeling well in your own skin whether the problems plaguing you are a “disease” or not. ANYTHING that diminishes your wellbeing isn’t – and shouldn’t be – tolerated, leave alone accepted.

We each have only one life, the so called “minor health problems” can have profound impact on how we feel about ourselves, life and others. Considering the fact that disease isn’t the only reason for unwellness, consulting a health coach about your issues is a wise decision. Why? Your doctor doesn’t have time to analyze your lifestyle, diet and other environmental factors that may negatively affect you. If you’ve got no symptoms characteristic for a specific disease, your doctor might assume that you’re a hypochondriac while in fact, you really suffer.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not speaking against medical care: we all need it. I’m saying that medical care doesn’t always address all of our concerns. The remaining concerns are often lifestyle, diet or environment-related and a health coach is the person who can solve the mystery of your unwellness.

How a live consultation with a health coach works?

1/ make a choice of consultation and make payment
2/ reply to a brief questionnaire by email
3/ choose a day and time for the consultation
4/ receive an appointment confirmation and access code
5/ chat with the health coach in real time from the comfort of home

There are other health coaches who provide wellness consultations Online. How is this one different? With others, you’ll have to sign up for a costly (THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!), long term program. I don’t intend to control your life or your finances! You book a consultation when you need it. The consultation is up to 30 minutes. I might ask you additional questions and will recommend solutions. There is no long term commitment. You won’t be sold anything. It’s your wellness; your life; your money. I’m here to help, not to take advantage of you in a time of need. (If you aren’t sure whether a Virtual Consultation with a Health Coach is the best way to address your specific concern, ask before placing an order.)

You have nothing to lose and better quality of life to gain. Order with confidence!

Consultation with a health coach

Wellness Consultation :


If you are experiencing any type of medical emergency step away from the screen and call 911 immediately.
Virtual Consultation with a Wellness Coach is intended as complementary to conventional medical care, not as a substitute for it. The consultation does not replace the need for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health care provider if you are experiencing worrisome symptoms. Don’t disregard medical advice or delay seeking medical help because of something you read Online, this Website included. All conclusions of a Virtual Consultation with a Wellness Coach should be discussed with a qualified medical practitioner.