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Classes On DIY Natural Healing in SFV


Classes On DIY Natural Healing in SFV

Why Classes on DIY Natural Healing? Because our doctors are in a hurry. They have no time to discuss our concerns, leave alone present us with a range of possible solutions. This is just one of the reasons we make uninformed health decisions and avoid bringing up less urgent concerns altogether, until – of course! – they become urgent. It isn’t the best policy.

Considering the fact that health is everyone’s most precious asset, it would be much wiser to emphasize minor problems with your doctor to make sure that potential health problems are addressed and resolved early, before they become more serious or even evolve into chronic conditions. Prevention and addressing minor symptoms early, in addition to a sound health management are the best ways to ensure long term good health.

Few people realize that small health concerns, bigger health concerns that are being treated but not necessarily with satisfactorily results as well as issues that are usually treated aggressively by conventional medicine can be improved – or even healed entirely – with natural remedies: gently, safely and effectively. (This includes some conditions your doctor told you can’t be improved. Example? Prostate and incontinence issues.)

Not surprisingly, Green Self Care’s Classes on DIY Natural Healing in SFV are in high demand.

Green Self Care’s Classes on DIY Natural Healing in SFV are held bi-weekly. Topics vary. Some of them are:

  • Smart disease prevention
  • Natural first aid kit for everyday emergencies
  • Natural remedies for high cholesterol
  • Natural remedies for high heartburn

The format of the Green Self Care’s Classes on DIY Natural Healing in SFV is a mix of instruction and casual coffee klatch with conversations revolving around natural remedies. The cost of attendance is $25 per class. (A portion of every attendance fee helps us provide free classes for low-income families in San Fernando Valley.)

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