Feb 072018
Wellness Tips for Fighting Obesity

  The media loves to throw around the word “epidemic” because it gets eyeballs on the television screen and clicks onto pages. Because of this, you may have heard that there is an “obesity epidemic” in America. It’s true that more Americans than ever are obese. However, no body is perfect and self-worth should not […]

Feb 012018
Are “Green” Mattresses Really Biodegradable?

  Labels that read “green”, “organic”, “natural”, or “all-natural” may make consumers believe they’re making an environmentally responsible choice. However, that might not be true especially when it comes to mattresses. Mattresses are made of many components any one of which could be made of synthetic components that are not biodegradable. The more natural materials […]

Jan 292018
Could Cleaning Significantly Reduce Allergies That Pests Cause?

  Vacuuming your home is definitely a chore, but what makes it more appealing to do on a regular basis is that it can reduce allergies and pest problems in your home. The most common pest allergies come from dust mites and cockroaches. Cockroach allergies are particularly dangerous because they can trigger asthma attacks in […]

Dec 262017
Working Towards Better Mental Health By Working Out

  Learn how exercise helps reduce stress and boost happiness, prevent cognitive decline and supports dealing with dementia. Good workout equals better mental health.   According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately 1 in 5 adults in the US experiences mental health issues in a given year. That equates to around 43.8 […]

Oct 172017
How to Go Green Without Going Crazy

  How to deal with eco-anxiety with contribution, meditation and focus on the present.   You know you should do everything you can to protect our planet and make sure it is livable for future generations. However, everywhere you look, you see more that you could be doing to take care of Mother Earth. How […]

Sep 152017
Green Purists

Well-intentioned green purists are often mistaken. Toxins are omni-present, animal products are well-hidden, some allegedly toxic products are not. Know your facts! As a wellness coach I’m often amused when encountering a green living “purist”. There are so many people today who believe themselves “green purists”! Health-conscious, informed and frequently vegan, these people avoid sugar […]

Jul 252017
Free Consultation With Los Angeles Wellness Coach

  Bring your wishes: how to eat healthy on a budget? Bring your complaints: aging, inability to lose weight, heartburn or herpes? There are NATURAL solutions!   During summer vacations – when the Healthy Living Classes and Natural Healing Classes are on hiatus – Los Angeles Wellness Coaches still keep the door open to anyone […]

Jul 182017
Staying Healthy Despite Of Political Climate

Finding balance with Nature in a political climate that denies global warming, decriminalizes pesticides, champions polluters and threatens our health Time doesn’t stop. Clock doesn’t go backward. Global warming is on the rise. Toxic chemicals all around us are threatening human health. Recent political changes decriminalize gross pollution, promote carbon-based industries, render pesticides harmless, limit […]

Mar 192017
How Sacrifice Can End Your Addictive Habits

It seems as though you’ve tried everything in the world to walk away from your bad habit. You’ve gone to meetings, spoken with professionals, and attempted quitting cold turkey. Still, your habit seems to stick (especially when stress seems hard to get rid of). Have you ever thought about your habit or addiction in terms […]

Nov 162016
4 Tips For Nurturing Mind, Body And Soul All Winter Long

It can be easy to feel less than our best selves during winter. The shorter days make us feel more tired and rundown. The cold weather makes squeezing in that pre- or post-work jog less appealing. Add the stress that comes along with the holidays and pressure to make the most of New Year’s resolutions, […]