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Jan 132018

Healing Properties Of Pink Himalayan Salt

As a health coach I’m driven by the hunger of discovery and experimentation and today I’m VERY excited to share with you my latest “discovery”: the pink Himalayan salt! Please don’t interrupt by saying that I didn’t discover it, I know that. But I experimented with it on myself and my loved ones and the healing properties of pink Himalayan salt are astounding!

Most of you are already familiar with the pink Himalayan salt and all sources agree that the ancient salt has numerous health benefits. The pink Himalayan salt is one of the oldest – if not THE oldest! – salt on Earth. Its age is estimated at 4 billion years and its origin is likely the primordial sea that gave birth to life on Earth. As such the Himalayan sea salt is also the world’s purest and richest, boasting 84 minerals and trace minerals. The salt is excavated manually from 5,000 feet underground.

Because of its unaltered purity and rich mineral content the pink Himalayan salt boasts an impressive list of. health benefits. The healing properties of pink Himalayan salt are believed to:

  • improve breathing and alleviate respiratory problems of COPD, bronchitis, emphysema and other pulmonary diseases’ patients
  • help detox our contaminated bodies
  • restore the acid-alkaline pH balance that prevents cancer
  • improve digestion
  • control sugar levels
  • improve circulation
  • support heart and bone health
  • regulate hormone functions
  • restore restful sleep
  • relieve muscle cramps
  • increase energy
    and more

My own experimentation produced the following results:

Pink Himalayan Salt Reduces Snoring

Someone in my tribe – guess who? – allegedly snores. The people who love the alleged snorer report that when he snores furniture shakes throughout the house. (People are cruel, don’t you think?)
Anyhow, I’ve made a saline solution consisting of 1 oz of filtered drinking water and ½ teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt and put it in a small spray bottle. I exhaled as much air as I could and while inhaling sprayed 3-4 times toward my throat / windpipe. Nothing special – other than the experience of inner calm – happened. When I went to sleep the following night I didn’t snore at all, I’m told. The effects of the one-time inhalation of the Himalayan saline spray lasted for several nights.
To maintain peace in my household, I’m repeating the ritual 2-3 times a week now and – I’m told – I don’t snore anymore.

Pink Himalayan Salt Reduces Allergy Symptoms

One more thing, following the above described experiment I experienced something even more surprising. I suffer from allergies that seem to come from nowhere and cause watery eyes, runny nose and uncontrollable sneezing. In the two weeks since the original experiment, I didn’t have a single bout of allergies.

Pink Himalayan Salt Reduces Anxiety

Yes, even in a health coach’s household there are anxious people. Since they are both anxious AND skeptical I sprinkled some very finely ground pink Himalayan salt in their shoes and slippers. ALL reported feeling calm and relaxed!
When you explore the Web for recommendation for anxiety, literally every source advises against salt. Anyone suffering from anxiety reading this? Put some very finely ground pink Himalayan salt in your shoes and slippers and let a wave of peace and calm wash over you! Based on what I observed, it appears that anxiety may well be caused (directly or indirectly) by a mineral imbalance.

Pink Himalayan Salt Reduces Hyperactive Thyroid Symptoms
Pink Himalayan Salt Reduces Toxic Goiter Problems

A number of my people took a bath with ½ a cup of Pink Himalayan Salt dissolved in water. No one reported any extra-ordinary experiences. The greatest skeptic mocked my enthusiasm by saying “heavens didn’t open and angels didn’t sing”. To the credit of my skeptic however, the next day she reported marked improvement in her Hyperactive Thyroid Symptoms and Toxic Goiter Problems. She experienced relief of pressure in her neck and – for the first time in many years! – she wasn’t cold. The relief seems to be lasting…

Pink Himalayan Salt Reduces Psoriasis Symptoms

A family member of mine has a persistent, localized, reddish rash on one foot for several years now. Treatment with natural remedies was ineffective. So was medical treatment for psoriasis. After spraying the area with a saline solution consisting of 1 oz of filtered drinking water and ½ teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt consistently every evening for about a week, the rash is about 95% gone.


Hype aside, my personal experience with healing properties of Pink Himalayan Salt (I’ll expand on it when there is more to report) has been overwhelmingly positive. The Pink Himalayan Salt is very effective in treating many common health complaints and conditions and doing so safely.

Dec 262017
Working Towards Better Mental Health By Working Out

Photo by Parker Mauk on Unsplash


Learn how exercise helps reduce stress and boost happiness, prevent cognitive decline and supports dealing with dementia. Good workout equals better mental health.


According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately 1 in 5 adults in the US experiences mental health issues in a given year. That equates to around 43.8 million people every year, with issues ranging in severity, cause and curability. While mental health affects individuals in different ways, in addition to an organic, balanced diet and getting outdoors into nature, seeking a reconnect with the environment, exercise can have a universally positive effect in alleviating symptoms, improving well-being and preventing decline.

Having a good fitness regime, complemented by a healthy diet of excellent foods to help you towards good health and maintain it is essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Exercise can bring about a multitude of benefits and should be seen as an ideal foundation for improving and sustaining a good state of mental health.

Reduce stress and boost happiness

Mental stress is a common factor contributing to a deterioration in mental health but working out can help manage physical and mental stress.
Exercise can also increase levels of chemicals within the body. One such chemical that is increased in concentration is norepinephrine which targets to reduce the brain’s reaction to stress. Another chemical that exercise produces is endorphins, which improve feelings of happiness. This has proven beneficial for those suffering from depression and anxiety, with the buzz it creates in some cases being as effective as antidepressant medication.

Prevent cognitive decline

Part of the inevitable aging process is likely to involve a slight decline but exercise and a healthy diet can help reduce and prevent degeneration.
In a report by Professor Gill Livingston into Dementia Prevention, Intervention and Care, she stated that adults who worked out regularly were more likely to maintain cognition over those that did not. This could be in part due to the fact that since exercise reduces the risk of depression, it also reduces the effect that has on impairment to memory. The chemicals produced by exercise support the hippocampus, which is a part of the brain responsible for memory and learning.

Cardio exercise is important as it gets the heart pumping and improves blood flow to the brain. The concept of ‘regular exercise’ need not be an intimidating one since the ideal target time being around 2.5 hours per week. Suitable exercise that could improve your mental health may include:

  • Walking – even if it starts out as walking around a shopping center, as stamina builds, taking longer, brisker walks or even hikes will become possible
  • Swimming – is a great low intensity workout and reduces joint strain
  • Cycling – an ideal moderate-impact exercise but if cycling outdoors, do take issues with balance into consideration
  • Using an elliptical machine – for a more intensive workout but with reduced impact on ankles and knees

Dealing with dementia

For those already diagnosed with dementia, such as Alzheimer’s, exercise can be of benefit since it can help maintain a good sleep-wake cycle which in turn will help to facilitate an improved sleeping patterns and restful nights sleep. Since those with
Alzheimer’s can feel drowsy and nap during the day which can affect their sleep at night, commonly leading to confusion, irritability and wandering at night. While exercise and physical activity cannot work to restore memory, it can certainly help to improve memory.

Mental health covers a wide variety of issues requiring varying levels of attention and treatment. However, building a solid foundation for your health, from your physical to mental well-being is an important starting point. Having an exercise regime that suits your lifestyle and circumstances as well as a balanced, healthy diet is an ideal way to start on your journey to better mental health.


Contributed by Lucy W. (https://homeremedyshop.com)

Oct 262017
Pregnancy Massage What You Need To Know

Photo by Ryan Franco On Unsplash

Not all couples get pregnant easily. Some cannot get pregnant at all. Being pregnant is a blessing: after all it precedes the arrival of the miracle of life. But that’s not all it is. It is also a period of time when a brand new life is developing within a woman wrecking havoc in her body.

The weight of the developing baby literally shifts the center of the expectant mom’s body which often causes lower back pain. Her blood volume increases by a whopping 50%! The increase in body weight puts extra pressure on the woman’s joints and causes swelling especially in the feet and hands. Hormone levels fluctuate and affect her mood. Pregnancy is a period of changes that stress out a woman in many ways and all these in addition to perfectly normal anxiety which accompanies every pregnancy.

Anticipating birth is a joyous time of preparation, making plans and creating new dreams, but it isn’t entirely stress-free. Every expectant mom worries, some are fearful of the upcoming birth experience, some stress over the changes a new baby will make in all aspects of their – and their family’s – life.

Things get more complicated by the fact that the baby’s safety takes precedence over the expectant mom’s aches and pains. The use of prescription and even over the counter drugs, including pain relievers and tranquilizers, is strongly discouraged to protect the health of the baby.

That’s why massage is such a welcome therapy during pregnancy. A massage can successfully and safely address many problems of a pregnant woman without chemicals which might harm the developing baby. Both, prenatal or postnatal massage can support the expectant and then, a new mom.

Pregnancy Massage What You Need To Know

Many physicians, certified massage therapists and people at large believe that a massage during the first trimester of pregnancy – when most miscarriages occur – isn’t safe. Pending a conclusive scientific explanation, it may be best to avoid massage in the earliest stage of pregnancy, but once the first trimester passes, it’s time to think about getting relief with a pregnancy massage!

The type of massage recommended for a pregnant woman is gentle and should be preformed by a certified massage therapist, preferably one trained in pregnancy massage.

According to WebMD, a study on prenatal massage therapy conducted at the University of Miami School of Medicine has confirmed that pregnancy massage does:

  • Lower anxiety
  • Decrease back and leg pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Decrease levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine
  • Increase levels of the “feel-good” hormones serotonin and dopamine
  • Decrease levels of cortisol, the stress hormone
  • Contribute to a better mood

The American Pregnancy Association states on its Website:
“Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.”

Bottom line: pregnancy massage can help reduce many pregnancy-related health complaints. By stimulating soft tissue massage can reduce pregnancy-related lower back pain and the pressure on your joints and reduce swelling. By stimulating the lymphatic systems, massage facilitates the removal of toxins from your body…. Massage is good for you and will support you during the challenging months leading up to the blessed arrival.

Heads up: because pregnancy is such an important and delicate condition, a certified massage therapist trained in performing pregnancy massage may ask you for a signed recommendation from your physician and a liability waver from you.

Oct 242017
Drug-Free Therapy For A Car Accident Injury

Photo by Valtercirillo

Many a driver experienced an injury as a result of a car incident. Obviously, the course of treatment for an accident-related injury is determined by the attending physician. It’s important to follow your physician’s recommendations, including therapies. I know I didn’t say anything new. What’s new is the subject of residual aches and pains during and after treatment for a car accident injury. Many wonder whether a massage therapy could be an effective part of a post-car accident recovery. The answer is a resounding: YES!

We all know that a massage has many healing and comforting properties. The American Massage Therapy Association lists 25 of them!

The main benefits of therapeutic massage are its power to manipulate muscle memory and restore a healthy body-mind connection. In English: therapeutic massage restores wholeness and harmony to the body, mind and emotions.

In the specific case of lingering pain after a car accident injury, the most painful and common complaints are:

  • Concussion which occurs after a sudden and unexpected hit to the head in a car crash
  • Whiplash which is common for occupants of a rear-ended vehicle
  • Back pain which is a wide-spread problem among car accident victims

Following – or in addition to – a medical treatment, therapeutic massage can help relieve pain, release muscle tension, improve range of motion and relieve physiological and emotional tension. (Multiple studies point out that massage therapy has beneficial and measurable impact on both, the musculoskeletal and neurological system.)

Massage is an effective complimentary therapy which in conjunction with conventional medical care or following conventional medical care can greatly improve and restore your health after a car accident. Unlike pain relief drugs, massage is a safe and chemicals-free pain relief alternative.

Ask your doctor whether he recommends massage as a part of your post-accident treatment and / or rehabilitation. With your doctor’s approval: get a massage. A massage – preferably multiple sessions – will accelerate your recovery!

Oct 172017

How to Go Green Without Going Crazy


How to deal with eco-anxiety with contribution, meditation and focus on the present.


You know you should do everything you can to protect our planet and make sure it is livable for future generations. However, everywhere you look, you see more that you could be doing to take care of Mother Earth. How can you possibly do enough? Many of us suffer from “eco-anxiety” as we try to balance green living with staying sane. Here are some tips that can help you cope.

You Can Make a Difference, Just Not ALL the Difference

Part of living life to the fullest involves spending time with your family, navigating through our modern society, and living a healthy lifestyle. What is best for animals, plants, and the world may not always align with these realities. Therefore, you must create a balance to be in a position to help.

Even if it is small, you make a difference with every positive step you take. You alone cannot save the world. But, the chances are that you are not the only one who feels passionately about your cause. And, you may be able to help shift the overall tide with tiny changes.

But, again, you cannot save the world on your own. You are but one person. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to do it all. You do your best, you do what you can, and that is the most you can do.

Focus on the Present, Not the Media

Focusing on the present is an important practice for anything in life. This will help you stave off the dread of an unknown future and regret of an unchangeable past. Focus your mind on the here and now as you tackle one task at a time. Mindfully refocus on the present when you recognize that you are worrying about the past or future. Meditation is excellent for this.

Another way to avoid anxiety over the past and future is to stop reading the news. Try it for a week at first. You may be surprised that life goes on without your eyes glued to the latest headlines. Bolster your spirits by seeking out uplifting stories.

When we feel motivated and refreshed we will be at our most effective. On the other hand, when we are down and out, we are little good to anyone. Instead of viewing the latest headlines, get outside in nature. Reconnect with the environment you are seeking to protect.

When you feel overwhelmed by eco-anxiety, remember these three things: every bit helps, you can’t do everything, and focus on the present.

Contributed by Lucy W. (https://homeremedyshop.com)

Sep 252017
Safe and Natural Ways To Treat Sore Throat

Photo by Tanja Heffner from Unsplash


15 million people with sore throat visit the doctor every year while natural, safe and inexpensive home remedies work as well as potentially hazardous pharmaceuticals.


Approximately 15 million people in the USA with sore throats visit the doctor every year with up to 70% receiving antibiotics even though only a much-smaller percentage actually suffer from strep throat: about 20 – 30% of children and as little as 5-10% of adults. The average cost of a medical visit for a sore throat can cost anywhere between $150 and $300, depending on what tests are ordered and the medication that is given. Emergency Department (ED) visits for the same reason are even more expensive.

While it is sometimes necessary to seek professional medical assistance for a sore throat, many times a good natural remedy will work just as well as potentially hazardous pharmaceuticals. Not only are you being environmentally responsible but you are protecting your body from an array of chemicals that are often prescribed when not necessary. There are countless natural, safe and inexpensive home remedies for you to try when it comes to soothing and healing a sore throat.

Natural remedies for sore throat:

Sage and water / Wheatgrass juice
Sage and water have great throat-soothing properties and can be used to ease swollen and painful nasal passages as well. Some recipes call for a mixture of sage, brown sugar, vinegar and water while others simply suggest you steeping a tea with dried sage leaves and hot water. A quick gargle and spit with Wheatgrass juice helps to prevent bacteria growth and eases a sore throat. It is also said to help rejuvenate inflamed gums and lessen toothache.

Apple cider vinegar
If a bad cough has left your throat raw and inflamed make sure to get hold of a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Germs will not be able to survive the acidic environment created and your throat will have time to heal. Gargle using a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of warm water. If you are looking for a gentler treatment add half a teaspoon of honey to the mixture.

Clove tea and tomato juice
Simply add 1 to 3 teaspoons of ground cloves to warm water, allow it to steep for a few minutes and gargle. Cloves contain great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can heal and soothe a sore throat rapidly. Another alternative is to gargle with a mixture of tomato juice, warm water and hot sauce. The antioxidant properties of the lycopene will aid the throat in healing faster.

Natural remedies for sore throat not withstanding, if your throat is coupled with mild to severe symptoms such as a very high fever, headache and vomiting it is recommended to seek professional medical advice. As much as we would like to take full responsibility for our healing there are times when we need to seek out assistance. If children are unable to eat or drink due to a sore throat urgent medical care is required before they become dehydrated.

Contributed by Lucy W. (https://homeremedyshop.com)

Sep 182017

Home remedies for the flu nourish and support the body while it is fighting the flu. Unlike flu shots they don’t contain mercury or formaldehyde.


Home Remedies For The Flu


I know that flu is caused by a virus, that it is tough on the person dealing with it, that there are deaths caused by the flu. I’m aware of the existence of flu shots and the lack of a cure for the flu although some claim that Tamiflu is a miracle treatment that shortens the flu’s duration. This post doesn’t provide a secret recipe for curing the flu, it asks a question: how to treat the flu?

Even though the flu is a disease, personally I prefer to think of it as a “cleansing” opportunity.

  • When the heat of summer becomes uncomfortable, we sweat.
  • After we eat something unbecoming, we throw up.

When does the respiratory system get a chance to rid itself of accumulated junk? When we have the flu!

I watched people who faithfully took annual flu shot and successfully avoided the flu. I watched people who suffered with the flu, twice a year. Those who dealt with the flu – as opposed to avoiding it – fared better.

I and “my people” accept the flu as a seasonal cleansing and go about it the traditional way. These are our home remedies for the flu:

  • Home-cooked chicken soup helps relieve symptoms of cold and flu, including sore throat and congestion.
  • Plenty of water with freshly-squeezed lemon and orange juice throughout the day increases urination and helps the body flush out the flu virus.
  • A garlic sandwich once a day delivers a powerful dose of phytochemicals. We make the sandwich with butter, a half – or even whole – bulb of garlic (cleaned, peeled and finely chopped) and a bit of salt to taste. A tip: the sandwich is best eaten before noon so it doesn’t linger in the digestive system (specifically, in the liver!) overnight.
  • In particularly nasty cases of flu, a glass of hot milk with a teaspoon of raw honey and a teaspoon of butter (yes, butter!) just before going to sleep does the body good.

Home remedies for the flu nourish and support the body while it is fighting the flu and make the flu symptoms easier to bear. But they don’t suppress the flu, allowing it to “clean the house” and run its course. As much as no one enjoys being sick with the flu, we always feel better after the flu passed than we felt before it struck.

Obviously, whether to face the flu or prevent it is a personal decision. Age and overall health are factors that have to be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to get a flu shot.

I for one believe that unless you have a compromised immune system, suffer from a chronic condition or know how to unburden your respiratory system on demand, embracing the flu might be a good idea! Better: neither chicken soup, citrus fruit, garlic nor milk contains detergent, mercury, formaldehyde, etc. the flu shots contain. None of the home remedies will increase your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, either. Just a thought.

Sep 152017

Well-intentioned green purists are often mistaken. Toxins are omni-present, animal products are well-hidden, some allegedly toxic products are not. Know your facts!

Green Purists

As a wellness coach I’m often amused when encountering a green living “purist”. There are so many people today who believe themselves “green purists”!
Health-conscious, informed and frequently vegan, these people avoid sugar and gluten, known carcinogens, chemically-treated produce and fruit, processed foods and “toxins” of any kind. In theory their approach is perfect. In real life, not so much. The “green purists” believe themselves superior to people who – to name just one example – have bacon for breakfast. It’s funny and sad, at the same time.

As humans we are omnivores. We need meat, vegetables and fruit to function properly and maintain good health. Being a total carnivore or total herbivore isn’t healthy. Our bodies are designed to process food of animal and plant origin and derive benefits from both, not either one. Abstaining from animal products entirely creates an imbalance that eventually has a negative impact on a person’s health.

The individual who had bacon for breakfast potentially increased his risk of developing cardiovascular disease because bacon is treated with sodium nitrate. The purist who didn’t eat bacon is at the same risk of developing cardiovascular disease because vegetables are the MAIN source of nitrites. Another source of nitrates is water. (It never seizes to amaze me that “green purists” don’t realize that there is no such a thing as organic water!)

The vegan believes that he doesn’t consume animal products. Animal products are everywhere. They are present in medications, vaccines, nutritional supplements, beer, wine, candy, cosmetics, non-dairy products, vanilla, building materials, perfumes, hair dyes, and other products you’d never suspect. Vegans consume / use animal products whether they are aware of it, or not…

“Green purists” discriminate against certain substances they classify as “toxic chemicals” without a valid reason. They create false narrative against time-proven, natural and safe products depriving themselves – and by spreading misinformation, others – of significant benefits.

Life isn’t about avoidance but a skillful balance. Not every risk can be averted. Many can be managed.

The biggest health risks we’re exposed to hide in:

  • building materials our homes are constructed of
  • furniture, flooring, interior paint
  • cleaning and washing products
  • the air we breathe
  • food
  • drinking water
  • everyday use products applied to skin
  • clothing, shoes and jewelry materials

Some of the risks listed above can be controlled by the individual, some can’t. Some can be modified with common sense and / or money. The perfect solution? Being WELL-informed, reducing and / or counteracting health risks, getting over the superiority complex of imaginary “purism”. There is no reason to be “holier than thou”: fanaticism of any kind is counterproductive. We live in the same world of toxins, pollutants, GMOs, misinformation and hypocrisy. Most of us have the same health concerns.

I’m all for healthier, green living. It is my belief however that it should start with complete information and the exercise of common sense. Without either one, a green purist is no less hypocritical than the establishment he or she rejects. (Soy “milk” or nut “milk”, give me a break! Did you read the ingredient list?! All of the pseudo-milks are chemical concoctions I wouldn’t recommend to a personal enemy.)

And by the way, the best way to counteract nitrates (whether you are a fan of bacon, vegetables or drinking water) is by taking antioxidants and probiotics on a regular basis. (To rephrase it for “green purists”: by maintaining a diet rich in antioxidants and probiotics.)

Aug 052017

Natural Anti-Aging BibleGreen Anti Aging signals the start of an anti aging REVOLUTION! It turns our beliefs of the aging process upside down. It presents a brand new concept of aging, not as a gradual process of decline mind you, but the body’s desperate call for a long overdue overhaul.

Since the guide wasn’t written by a medical doctor or an anti-aging scientist but a wellness coach its recommendations involve natural means, only.

The purpose of this natural anti-aging guide is two-fold. It can be used as a natural anti-aging guide by those determined to fight aging naturally. It can be used as a guide to relieving aging-related health and beauty concerns naturally. (Without toxic chemicals, painful and costly injections or drastic surgeries.)

Green Anti Aging by Sturm Enrich lays out a clear (easy to follow) map of a complete natural anti-aging body tune-up which includes health issues most aging individuals face as well as visible signs of aging.

If I’ve ever read a truly empowering piece of writing, Green Anti Aging by Sturm Enrich is it! It doesn’t nitpick, it comes with its own vision of what aging CAN BE. It puts the power and choice in the reader’s hands. In terms of self esteem alone, this anti-aging guide is a breath of fresh air. It tells the reader from the get-go that age doesn’t make anyone inferior. After all, a fine classic car has its value EVEN before it is restored. We all know that a well-restored classic car costs more than the latest model. It is true of cars and now it can be true of mature adults!

Green Anti Aging is THE must-read natural anti-aging Bible. My only regret is that I couldn’t use its wisdom to help my parents deal with aging.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Green Anti Aging by Sturm Enrich 1,498 KB $45.00




(Payment is due to IRET – Internet Real Estate Tycoon – the publisher of Green Self Care Website)

Green Anti Aging guide by Sturm Enrich is available in additional formats on GreenSelfHelp.com.


Green Anti Aging Readers’ reviews:

I got the instant download and read it in one breath. Green Anti Aging isn’t like anything else I read on aging or anti-aging. No needless elaborations. No pity. Just information that make sense. Written in an easy, casual manner, the guide is concrete, convincing, helpful and yes, hopeful. I loved it and recommended it to all my friends. By the way, Green Anti Aging ends with a teaser. I’ll be waiting for part two, you can bet on it!

Jul 252017

Free Consultation With Los Angeles Wellness Coach


Bring your wishes: how to eat healthy on a budget? Bring your complaints: aging, inability to lose weight, heartburn or herpes? There are NATURAL solutions!


During summer vacations – when the Healthy Living Classes and Natural Healing Classes are on hiatus – Los Angeles Wellness Coaches still keep the door open to anyone looking for ways to live healthier.

You can bring your concerns, questions or requests to the Wellness Coaches in person every Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The open house is held in Valley Glen (San Fernando Valley, CA). If you live in Greater Los Angeles area, you too can meet with one of Los Angeles Wellness Coaches for a FREE consultation!

Whether you’d like to explore healthy eating, learn how to get pesticide-free produce and fruit on a budget, lose weight, make your own probiotics, get rid of heartburn or another health complaint, bring it on! It is possible to stay healthy, NATURALLY.

Los Angeles Wellness Coaches have your back! RSVP (be sure to describe your concern / interest) and get directions.