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Author-Direct Green Self Help Books


Author-Direct Green Self Help Books


Wellness coach and author selling exclusively her own work directly to the public. Green self help books on healthy living and natural healing.


This page features exclusively Author-Direct Green Self Help Books by Sturm Enrich, San Fernando Valley (CA) wellness coach. Why “Author-Direct”? She is not a publisher or a seller of other people’s books. She is a wellness coach and healthy living consultant. Every item featured here is her own work. There are no third parties involved. When you buy a book or a guide – as it may be the case – from her you are supporting work that educates, protects and heals. (Read more)

Why “Green”? All the books and guides showcased provide information on feeling better, naturally: the green self help books teach how to live healthier without toxic chemicals and heal what ails you with natural remedies, you won’t find recommendations for prescription drugs or surgeries here!

Why “Green Self Help”? Information doesn’t change lives. Information doesn’t heal. The wellness coach provides the information. You are the one who decides to use it. It is your decision and your action that transforms information into a positive impact. To know something and to benefit from that knowledge are two distinctly different things.

Author-Direct Green Self Help Books is the FIRST and – as of now – ONLY bookstore Online that sells information in form of green self help books for Instant Download, green self help books on Memory Stick and Printed green self help books. The first two for obvious reason: to minimize our carbon footprint. The much less popular printed books are intended for readers who – for one reason or another – are uncomfortable with computers and / or digital information formats.

With no publishers or bookstores involved and with all book formats available, nothing stands between you and green self help books on healthy living and natural healing. Help yourself and yours to better health. Buy author-direct green self help books, support the green grassroots movement: it’s good for us, it’s good for the Earth and future generations!